The following Virgo signs are each a combination of the Virgo sun sign and one of 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. If you don't know your Chinese Zodiac Sign you can use your birth date to find it using this chart. The animal represented next to the combination is your Primal Zodiac sign (also called your "animal spirit") which represents your inherent instinctive nature. Either click on a combination below or use the Primal Zodiac sign chart to find your personal sign.


Virgo + Dog = Salamander

Virgo + Dragon = Polar Bear

Virgo + Horse = Giraffe

Virgo + Monkey = Penguin

Virgo + Ox = Sea Star

Virgo + Pig = Gazelle

Virgo + Rabbit = Earthworm

Virgo + Rat = Mouse

Virgo + Rooster = Corgi

Virgo + Sheep = Flamingo

Virgo + Snake = Jellyfish

Virgo + Tiger = Narwhal

All Virgo signs share all of the traits of the Virgo star sign but also include elements of the respective Chinese Zodiac sign as well. The Chinese zodiac represents the subconscious elements of each individual's personality and should not be overlooked in the West just because we are not quite as familiar with it. Likewise, the Western Zodiac represents the conscious understanding of the self. The Chinese Zodiac is based on the lunar calendar while the Western Zodiac is based on the solar calendar. Together the combination of these two signs form the Primal Zodiac sign or "animal spirit" which represents each individual's instinctive nature.

Since Virgo is not a very dominant sign, some of the 12 Virgo signs may seem a bit unlike Virgo altogether. If this is so it is only because certain personality traits from the Chinese Zodiac are likely to overwhelm the more subtle traits of Virgo. However, most signs for Virgo find a way to compliment each other well. Members of this sign may want to invest in a Life Path Report. Both of these reports go incredibly deep into the inner workings of the many astrological influences that make you who you are. The Life Path Report (my personal recommendation) uses both Primal Astrology signs as well as planetary alignments to uncover karmic destiny, personal life purpose, and sometimes even information regarding past lives! You can find samples of the reports here.

For more information on how Primal Astrology affects Virgo signs, you may want to read this primer first.