The most obvious feature of Primal Astrology is the use of an "animal spirit", which everyone has. I've provided animal spirit reports on the site absolutely free. You can find your animal spirit using this chart. You may notice that I refer to "Animal Spirit" and "Primal Zodiac Sign" interchangeably. That's because in Primal Astrology your animal spirit and zodiac sign are the same thing, making it easier to remember and understand.

Animal spirits represent our instinctive nature. Just as each animal has a unique set of instincts that cater to its strengths and protect its weaknesses, so do we all. Each individual's animal spirit uses a combination of conscious (Western Astrology) and subconscious (Eastern Astrology) instinctive traits (powered respectively by the sun and the moon) to reveal inherent ways that we each approach life. Notice that everyone you know approaches life differently. Because of this we each can have very similar experiences that we interpret and react to in very different ways. This is not random or by accident.

Primal Astrology, like all other serious forms of Karmic Astrology, is based on the concept that we live multiple lifetimes in order to learn, grow, and balance out karmic debts (owed to us or by us to others). One lifetime can only provide a fraction of the experiences available on this planet. Only through the process of trying life from different perspectives and approaches can we possibly experience life completely. At first this shift in thinking can be overwhelming, but you will soon find that by at least accepting this as a possibility, life actually starts to contain much more purpose and depth.

By living multiple lifetimes, we each get to experience life from different perspectives and get multiple chances to make up for past mistakes and even wrongdoings to others. This also means that you don't have to accomplish everything in a single lifetime. This last bit of information is one I find particularly freeing. Many people, myself included, feel a great deal of anxiety from the feeling that "time is running out". We want to travel the world, experience different ups and downs, and understand humanity on the deepest possible level. While some people may have the resources to do many of these things, nobody can experience all that life has to offer in a single lifetime. By knowing that we have more chances, at our own discretion, to keep coming back and gaining more and more wisdom, we can finally be free of our current restraints on time, money, health, and whatever circumstances life has brought upon us.

If you don't have to accomplish everything this one time around, then what should you be doing? This is a very valid question indeed. In fact, the very purpose of life is something philosophers have been pondering for thousands of years. The truth is that each of us has a purpose unique to us, a spiritual goal that pervades our subconscious, driving us to accomplish certain goals and connect with certain people. This is why our animal spirit is so important. It is the basic layout of our approach to this lifetime. With a bit more in-depth astrological research, though, we can go even deeper.

You made a plan before birth, or rather your spirit did. These plans aren't made alone. Key people in our lives, both family, friends, and even enemies, are often roles played by those closest to us in the spirit world. There may be karmic debts to be paid to others in this lifetime and there may be debts owed to you by others from past lives. The important thing to remember is that your life and its circumstances exist because this is what you needed in order to fulfill your goals for this lifetime. Though we still have free will to make our own decisions, certain key events in our lives occur as part of this grand plan. In other words, the important things almost always happen for a reason.

What does all of this have to do with astrology? Well, essentially there are three possible ways to get insight into your life plan, which I call your "Life Path". Talented psychics that specialize in past lives can sometimes provide this information, as can hypnotherapists that specialize in past-life regression. These individuals can be very difficult to find, and can be quite expensive, but if they can actually do what they say, these services are well worth the money. 

The third option to finding your Life Path is by using a karmic astrology system such as Primal Astrology, which allows you to use your birth date to map out the major influences inherent in your life. If you are like most people, you are probably wondering how your birth date can possibly have anything to do with such a mass of critical information. This is completely fair. Allow me to explain.

A key element, if not THE key element to karmic astrology is that we choose a certain body to use for this lifetime out of a multitude of options. To be fair, it is usually by suggestion of our spirit guide (that's a whole other thing), but we each ultimately make our own choice. The options we are given to choose from are limited to those which can express the right circumstances as well as the right personality traits that will instinctively lead us down our individual Life Path. By choosing the exact date, time, and place of our birth, we are essentially choosing a moment where the stars are aligned in such a way that we are influenced forever by this one critical moment.

Using the birth information we can develop a birth chart, which is essentially a snapshot in time of where certain astronomical and astrological influences have specific types of effects. This is important! It means that astrology is not just a gimmick, but rather a scientific, mathematically based system designed to understand who we really are and who we are intended to be. Primal Astrology is simply an advanced system of astrology that attempts to recreate each individual's life plan using the birth date as a guide.

Your Animal Spirit (a.k.a. Primal Zodiac Sign), and personalized reports are all designed to offer a comprehensive look at your life and its very purpose. You can begin with the free Animal Spirit report and then see if going deeper is something that you want to do.

You can find your animal spirit using this chart, or learn more about your Karmic Past, Life Path, Future Forecast, or other Primal Astrology options by visiting the report options page.