The Purpose of Astrology

YOU are the most interesting subject in your universe.  Why?  Because you are forced to be with YOU 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  You are, quite literally, the center of your universe, and with that comes quite a bit of responsibility and a whole lot of questions. No matter where you go or what you do, YOU are always there.  

Think about it another way - what if there was a companion that followed you around everywhere you went, and you knew very little about them, what made them tick, why they processed thoughts in a certain way.  Naturally you would most likely feel compelled to find out more.  Why?  Because this companion is going to be with you your entire life.  Why wouldn’t you feel an inner need to know as much as you could about this person?  You are certain to have a strong relationship with this person and their actions and reactions will likely affect everything you do.

Now consider this - that companion is actually YOU!  While it may seem absurd to think of yourself in this manner, there are always sides to ourselves that we simply can’t understand without help.  This is because we don’t have a way to see ourselves from an outside perspective.  We most certainly could describe a companion to other people based on our observations, but it’s much harder to describe ourselves in the same fashion simply because we are far too close to ourselves to view our personality traits as if we were seeing them from an outside perspective.

THIS is the true potential of astrology.  Not only does astrology give you the ability to see yourself from an objective outside perspective, it allows you to look at aspects of your personality that may not have ever revealed themselves to you.  After all of these years you finally have a glimpse of what it means to be YOU, fully and holistically.  

Astrology may not be considered a science in the hard sense, but it functions based upon thousands of years of human observation, measurement, and testing.  While we have all kinds of scientific tools to measure various physical traits, we still don’t have a “scientific” way of measuring YOU, the most important subject in your universe.  

If you’ve already read your Primal Zodiac sign you may be wondering how much more information about YOU that astrology can provide.  Well, there is actually a lot more to YOU than even your Primal Zodiac sign can tell you. 

For an astrologer, your birth chart is of utmost importance.  This chart shows all of your planetary and house alignments and the way they interact with one another.  In astrology each interaction has a specific meaning, both to tell you who you were born to be as well as what is coming up for you in the near future.  Every planet, for example, has a specific influence on your personality, with changes depending on where they fall in line with other planets in your chart.  Two people’s birth charts compared to one another can also tell you a whole lot about that relationship.  There is so much information out there about YOU, you just need someone to translate your birth chart into actual useful information.

That is why I offer additional astrology report options.  While your Primal Zodiac sign can tell you quite a bit about your inherent personality traits it still is just scratching the surface of what astrology can provide.  The amount of detail available in individualized reports is staggering compared to what you can get without a chart and translation.  I’ve had many people contact me after reading their personalized reports to tell about realizations they have had about themselves and their relationships with others.  One fairly strict mother mentioned that after reading about her family members she finally realized that many of what she saw as personality flaws were actually just inherent traits that made her family members who they were.  After that a whole new world of acceptance and appreciation opened up within her family.  THIS is what astrology is all about.

For those interested I have a page full of samples you can read to see what kinds of reports are available to you.  I encourage you to take some time to see what options are available to you.  You can find the shop page here and the sample reports here.