Simon Poindexter has been studying astrology since the age of 13. Intrigued by how certain people naturally have certain tendencies, he began to relate these tendencies back to the zodiac. But there was a bit of a problem. While people's sun signs were fairly accurate, there were still some very different tendencies inherent in each individual. Was astrology really accurate enough to be useful?

Fast forward several years to age 24. While attending college in Oregon, Simon took his interest in astrology farther when he became a popular tarot card reader on one of the biggest psychic hotlines in the world. Just a part-time job at the time, Simon realized then that there was more to the ancient arts of tarot and astrology than he had realized. 

In the years following graduation, Simon tried his hand at several careers, but none of them drew his interest as much as astrology had. Suddenly, an idea struck him. The Chinese had their own astrology system that most Americans considered irrelevant to their lives. Wondering which astrology system was better, Simon started doing research.

Analyzing everything he knew from western astrology and tarot and adding in the Chinese Zodiac, several interesting elements became clear. The first and perhaps most important is that you don't have to choose between the two systems. The western zodiac is based on the solar calendar while the eastern zodiac is based on the lunar cycle. There is no contradiction between the two, rather everyone has not one sign, but two - one represented by the western zodiac and one by the eastern.

Intrigued by this discovery, Simon dove deeper into his research. Suddenly, the reason why the standard astrology profiles were always a letdown became clear. We all have multiple zodiac signs that all must be taken into consideration. The two biggest and most important being the representations of the Western Sun and Eastern Moon signs, but the others filling in the rest of the details, many more profound than anyone expected.

Further research revealed exactly what the combination of Western Sun and Eastern Moon signs meant. In astrology, the Sun represents many elements of the conscious self while the Moon represents the subconscious. In combination these two describe an individual's instinctual approach to life. That is, the combined sign (Primal Zodiac Sign) represents the intuitive, primal nature we are born into. Many, if not most of our innate tendencies and reactions come from this set of animal instincts.

It was at that moment that Primal Astrology was formed. A unique combination of eastern and western astrology, each individual's Primal Zodiac Sign is the representation of their animal spirit. Remember, humans are animals first and foremost, and like all animals we have instincts built in to help us survive, socialize, work, hunt, and gather. Being more mentally complex than any other animal, we can compare the traits inherent in the individual Primal Zodiac Signs to living (or in a few cases imagined or extinct) animals in order to understand who we are from an outside perspective.

After nearly three years of research, Simon decided that sharing this system with as many people as possible was more important than anything else, and built PrimalAstrology.com to fulfill that purpose. During this lengthy research project, it became clear to Simon that there was even more to astrology than he had expected. A deeper, more spiritual understanding of not only who we are, but why we exist came into view, and it was then that Simon developed his special, individualized reports - the Personality Profile and the Life Path Report. These reports, along with the Animal Spirit information provided by the Primal Zodiac Sign, form a much more complete view of what life really is and what it is really for.

Those reports are available for purchase on this site, but the Animal Spirits/Primal Zodiac Signs remain free at Simon's request. You can find your Animal Spirit by clicking here, or view samples of the Past Life, Life Path, and other Reports here. More information about Primal Astrology and its principles is available here. To order your report(s) today, visit the order page here.

For more, read VICE's article on the creation of Primal Astrology here: https://www.vice.com/en/article/jgp9x4/the-story-of-primal-astrology-how-one-man-created-an-entire-horoscope