The Western Zodiac Capricorn Sign

In the Primal Zodiac, Capricorn sign takes on 12 different forms, one for each of the 12 corresponding Chinese Zodiac signs. By combining these conscious and subconscious personality elements, one can begin to understand much more about the complexities of this strong willed sign. There are many Capricorn traits that stand out when paired with the Chinese Zodiac, but also some that begin to take on less importance. If you know your birth date you can find out which of the 12 Capricorn signs you are for free on this site!

The Western Zodiac Capricorn sign is most well known for certain personality traits. These Capricorn traits include self-sufficiency, independence, loyalty, and responsibility. Most members of the Capricorn family are hard workers who value "sweat equity" more than anything else. Their careers are of very high importance to them, and Capricorns are constantly threatened if there is a lack of financial security in their lives.

One of the key characteristics of Capricorn, though, is their resilience. There is no other sign (except possibly Taurus) that can match their resolve. When they decide to take on a challenge, they take it on completely, never wavering in their dedication. They are intelligent, though, and if something is not working they are not too stubborn to try a new tactic. When combined with certain Chinese Zodiac signs such as Ox or Rooster, this resilience takes on an even more powerful new form, while other Chinese Zodiac signs such as Sheep might give Capricorn a slower, more thoughtful approach. Again, if you haven't found your Primal Zodiac sign yet, you can click here for the free chart and profiles.

Capricorns can be a bit cold, too, especially if things aren't working out the way they had hoped. These Capricorn traits include indifference, inhibition, and a need to become very controlling. The worst thing you can do to a Capricorn is offer to help and do a lackluster job. They have high expectations of themselves and anyone who is not dedicated to their cause should try not to get involved in their business ventures or long-term goals as this will only cause trouble if things don't go well.

One of the most popular characteristics of Capricorn is their sense of commitment and loyalty. They are more wary than they seem of new relationships and require a certain amount of proof before they will trust someone new. In relationships they are slow to get too involved, but over time their trust can most certainly be won and they will be as loyal a partner as you could hope for.

To learn more about the Western Zodiac Capricorn sign, use our free chart to find your Primal Zodiac sign, which includes Capricorn traits as well as traits from the respective Chinese Zodiac sign as well.