Primal Zodiac Sign of Bee

As a Capricorn born in the Year of the Rooster, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Bee are as hard working, optimistic, and straight-forward as their animal namesake. In the animal kingdom, worker bees spend their lives grinding away toward a higher purpose while at the same time enhancing and improving the world around them by pollinating flowers, providing honey, and sacrificing themselves for the good of their hive.

This description may make those born under the sign of the Bee sound like the slaves of society, but this is not accurate. If anything, Bees are slaves to themselves and those close to them, but even that is misleading. Members of this sign thrive on their ability to create, manage, and improve their surroundings. They are extremely hard workers with a strong sense of pride and honesty. They take their role in life very seriously (perhaps a little too seriously) and will make whatever sacrifices are necessary to reach their ultimate goals.

While Bees work hard at their respective duties, they are also very social creatures who like to interact with the world around them. The Rooster helps Capricorn to come out of his or her shell, allowing others to experience the humor, honesty, and helpfulness that this sign provides. Not everyone can handle a Bee’s energy, though. Though their honesty is appreciated, they can be painfully blunt with their words and are often disrupting conversations with their need to be seen and heard. Of course, Bees cannot see why anyone would dislike seeing them shine, and often assume that others are simply jealous of their natural talents and charm.

Many of their friends and family think that Bees work too hard. Indeed, they can become obsessive about their work and goals. Though they may feel fine about this, it is important for members of this sign to also take time out and enjoy their lives. Ambition is fine as long as it doesn’t take over, and with this sign that is a real possibility. Bees live and die for their mission, and for most of them that mission is to work until they’ve built themselves an empire.


In order to achieve balance from their working lives, Bees need to have relationships, and those relationships need to be personal and deep. They are simply not meant to be go solo in the world, though they do value their time alone to do their work and follow their dreams. Being socially active is important to both their work (networking) and their general well-being. Interacting with others is how they recharge and rejuvenate themselves, and without this important aspect of life, they can become dictatorial, frustrated, and mean-spirited.

Bees have a tendency to be blunt with their words, especially when it comes to their sense of humor. Obviously, sensitive types may be offended by this, but those close to them understand that this is their way of teasing their own hyper-critical nature. Still, Bees don’t get along well with everyone, and they don’t need to. As long as they keep their egos in check, there is little about this sign that can outweigh the honesty, helpfulness, and friendliness that this sign is capable of.

Romance is a big deal for Bees, though not as big as their work. In all aspects of life, members of this sign can be difficult partners since they have clearly defined goals that they need to be constantly working on. Potential romantic partners must understand that work and ambition are a key element of this sign and must accept that being a partner with a Bee does not necessarily mean being a partner in all aspects of their life. The best partners will be those who accept Bees as they are, but also challenge them to be their best. Honesty between the two is of ultimate importance, and quite frankly the Bee needs to learn how to take a sting just as well as they can give one. Once a romantic partnership is established, though, members of this sign are very loyal and giving and will do a lot to keep a partner happy.


Bees don’t trust anyone else to get the necessary work done, so they do most of it themselves. They are willing to delegate responsibilities but their standards are so high that there are very few people who can live up to their expectations. The problem is that everyone else who shares their work ethic is already working on their own projects.

Members of this sign could be entrepreneurs, but they are more likely to follow a strict path to success rather than gamble. Bees are surprisingly traditional in this way and do, in fact, prefer classic styles of working, dressing, and socializing over those which are newer, more innovative, or less road-tested. In business this might hold them back a bit, which is why it is important for them to include those with other skills and temperaments into their working lives if they truly want to accomplish something unique.

Above all things, Bees are investors. More specifically, they invest in themselves. In order to do this properly requires a great deal of self-confidence and belief in their own abilities. While this may come across as egotistical or arrogant, it is nonetheless necessary to the continued determination and persistence of this sign. Bees rarely change direction when they believe they are right, even if their goals are based on emotional intuition that occurred early on. It’s not just that they want to become successful in their career, it is that they want to be successful in whatever choices they have made. Even when the passion is long gone, members of this sign feel compelled to prove that they can achieve what they set out to do, even if just to themselves.

Bees will follow their hearts and intuition when it comes to choosing a career, but for those looking for a good fit, the following careers may be good options to explore: dentist, doctor, surgeon, salesman, executive, operations manager, restaurant owner, athlete, or journalist.


  • Ali Lohan (12/22/1993)
  • Jodie Sweetin (1/19/1982)
  • Dwayne Wade (1/17/1982)
  • Caleb Followill (1/14/1982)
  • Kate Middleton (1/9/1982)
  • Sienna Miller (12/28/1981)
  • Thomas Kinkade (1/19/1958)
  • Matt Frewer (1/4/1958)
  • Matt Lauer (12/30/1957)
  • Shane MacGowan (12/25/1957)
  • Dolly Parton (1/19/1946)
  • Naomi Judd (1/11/1946)
  • Robby Krieger (1/8/1946)
  • Syd Barrett (1/6/1946)
  • Diane Keaton (1/5/1946)
  • John Paul Jones (1/3/1946)
  • Kathleen Casey (1/1/1946)
  • Barbara Carrera (12/31/1945)
  • Concetta Tomei (12/30/1945)
  • Davy Jones (12/30/1945)
  • John Walsh (12/26/1945)
  • Gary Sandy (12/25/1945)
  • Diane Sawyer (12/22/1945)
  • Shari Lewis (1/17/1934)
  • Jean Chrétien (1/11/1934)
  • Nichelle Nichols (12/28/1933)
  • Carroll Spinney (12/26/1933)
  • Guy Madison (1/19/1922)
  • Betty White (1/17/1922)
  • Army Archerd (1/13/1922)
  • Jean-Pierre Rampal (1/7/1922)
  • Johnny Otis (12/28/1921)
  • Steve Allen (12/26/1921)
  • Luise Rainer (1/12/1910)
  • Galina Ulanova (1/8/1910)
  • Gracie Fields (1/9/1898)
  • ZaSu Pitts (1/3/1898)
  • Charles "Tom Thumb" Stratton (1/4/1838)
  • Benjamin Franklin (1/17/1706)


Bees have the Tropical Sun sign of Capricorn, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Rooster.

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