The key characteristics of Leo include confidence, warmth, sociability, and pride. Those born under this sign have a great deal of enthusiasm for life experiences, though they can be a bit lazy when it comes time for adventure.  Leo personalities enjoy socializing and relaxing more than most, particularly those born during the Chinese Zodiac's Year of the Sheep and Year of the Rabbit. Leos like to be in control, and tend to surround themselves with those who will follow their lead, but it's important for others to remember that Leo is not the best decision maker, and often others will have to step in to assist this kingly sign in the execution of their plans.


Leo personalities are most often witty and fun, and sometimes intriguing and ambitious. This is a prideful sign to be sure, and throughout astrology Leo the Lion is said to hate losing more than anything else. With pride comes stubbornness, and Leo is not short on that. However, members of this sign tend to have a "live and let live" attitude. They may not forget, but they will forgive, holding few (if any) grudges along the way. The sign of Leo is a sign of the melodramatic and stories told by Leos must be taken with a small grain of salt. It's not that Leos make things up, but they will exaggerate a story in order to make it more fascinating. The stories told by Leo the Lion often change slightly as they get told again and again to ever rapt audiences.


For many astrological signs, there is not a distinct difference between the male and female counterparts, but in Leo there is a noteworthy distinction to make between the two. Leo men tend to be more prideful than their female counterparts. They like to assist others in kindness and to prove that they are strong and capable. Male Leos derive the most pleasure from the admiration of others, and many choose roles in life that allow for status, wealth, and praise. Female Leos, on the other hand, also like to be admired and recognized, but are more interested in getting attention from others than veneration. Leo women are strong-willed and proud and very much like to be in charge, except when it comes to romance. In this realm, Leo women prefer to be adored and admired and like men to be men in the old school sense. I realize this may sound sexist, but this comes from thousands of years of astrology research, I didn't make it up.

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