Primal Zodiac Sign of Angora Rabbit

Charming, friendly, and somewhat mysterious, this is a sign that others are intrigued by. Maybe it’s because members of this sign can be hard to figure out. In truth, Angora Rabbits are a bit of a contradiction. They have big personalities, strong leadership qualities, and an undying drive for success, but at the same time they tend to come across as reserved, delicate, and sensitive. They hate conflict but they won’t back down if they believe in something. They are most powerful when balanced but often put themselves through long stretches of unbalanced behavior.

Make no mistake about them - Angora Rabbits want what they want, and they will get it one way or another. Rather than being forceful or aggressive, they are more likely to subtly charm their way to their goals. They have an uncanny ability to get others to listen to them and do things for them. Maybe it’s their calm confidence that convinces others that they know exactly what they are doing, even if they are making it up as they go. In truth, Angora Rabbits can be self-centered. Though they genuinely care about those around them, they tend to be more concerned with how they look at any given time than what is going on around them. To be fair, they are usually known for their excellent (if not somewhat eccentric) taste, and go through quite a bit of effort to maintain this reputation.

In the animal kingdom, angora rabbits are best known for their big, wild, unruly or otherwise unusual hair. It’s interesting to note how many well-known people born under the sign of the Angora Rabbit are associated with their hair as well (e.g. Tori Amos, John Stamos, Whitney Houston, James Hetfield, Coolio, Lynda Carter, “Alfalfa” from The Little Rascals). While not everyone born under this sign has memorable hair, most Angora Rabbits have something special about them that is hard to ignore.


Angora Rabbits have no trouble garnering attention. In fact, it’s hard for them not to constantly make new friends because others are so drawn to them. Their confident, yet mysterious nature is a powerful attractant, and their unexpectedly kind and generous personalities only make the pull that much stronger. They like being around people and generally have a lot of friends. What many don’t understand is that as social as this sign is, they also need some quiet time to themselves that they often deny themselves in favor of working toward their professional or personal goals.

While those born under this sign are very loyal to their friends, they have a more difficult time with romantic relationships. This is not to say that they are not loyal to their partners, but there is a distinct part of their personalities that monogamy conflicts with. Angora Rabbits have a need to be around different people, and in truth are a bit self-centered. If they don’t get the attention they need at home it becomes very hard for them to feel settled and secure. At the same time, home is the place they want to be the most, as long as everything there is as they want it to be. Thus, it takes a patient and generous person to make a long-lasting relationship with this sign work. Angora Rabbits just have to make sure they don’t take advantage of this patience and generosity and end up with a bitter and resentful partner.


The career options for this sign are many, but like most Primal Zodiac signs, some careers seem to be a better fit with Angora Rabbits than others. It should be noted, though, that this sign in particular tends to have natural talents that lead them where they are destined to go as long as they trust their instincts. To a greater degree than their peers, members of this sign should do their best to “stay out of their own way” - as in, don’t over-think the future when the path will naturally unfold for you as you walk it.

That said, the personality of this sign works best in careers where they can be recognized for their work. Every Angora Rabbit has at least a little bit of celebrity in them, and while they like to be in control, they are also deeply motivated by the desire to be loved, respected, and noted for their work. They are naturally gifted politicians, both in the literal and figurative senses of the word. Combine this with an inherent gift for marketing (especially self-promotion) and you’ve got a good deal of choices. Art dealer / collector, beautician, ad executive, talk show host, and diplomat are all careers that fit this sign extremely well. Again, Angora Rabbits should always trust their instincts when choosing a career and pick something that fits who they are more than what they aspire to be.


  • Sidney Crosby (8/7/1987)
  • Charlize Theron (8/7/1975)
  • Megan Gale (8/7/1975)
  • Kajol (8/5/1975)
  • Alex Rodriguez (7/27/1975)
  • Eric Szmanda (7/24/1975)
  • Tori Amos (8/22/1963)
  • John Stamos (8/19/1963)
  • Whitney Houston (8/9/1963)
  • James Hetfield (8/3/1963)
  • Coolio (8/1/1963)
  • Lisa Kudrow (7/30/1963)
  • John Deacon (8/19/1951)
  • Dan Fogelberg (8/13/1951)
  • Jay North (8/3/1951)
  • Barry Van Dyke (7/31/1951)
  • Evonne Goolagong (7/31/1951)
  • Lynda Carter (7/24/1951)
  • Carl Yastrzemski (8/22/1939)
  • Ginger Baker (8/19/1939)
  • George Hamilton (8/12/1939)
  • Peter Bogdanovich (7/30/1939)
  • Rosalynn Carter (8/18/1927)
  • Robert Shaw (8/9/1927)
  • Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer (8/7/1927)
  • Louis Leakey (8/7/1903)
  • Casey Stengel (7/30/1891)
  • Ethel Barrymore (8/15/1879)
  • Herman Melville (8/1/1819)
  • Simon Bolivar (7/24/1783)


Angora Rabbits have the Tropical Sun sign of Leo, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Rabbit.

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