In the Western Zodiac Libra is the sign of balance, justice, and fairness, but there is much more depth to the Libra personality than these traits alone would suggest. Though fairness is one of the characteristic Libra is known best for, other Libra qualities such as hospitality, elegance, and a general sense for good taste. Libras like to host parties and spend time with friends. They generally prefer social groups to individual hangouts and tend to romanticize their ideals to a high degree. These Libra qualities help them to make friends easily, and when they are at their best there are few other signs that can match their likeability.

A Libra personality is complex, however, and appearances can be somewhat deceiving. One of the lesser known Libra traits is that they often hold higher expectations of others than they do for themselves. Though this seems contradictory to what we know about the Libra personality, it is often the Libra quality that others find hardest to understand.

In the Western Zodiac Libra is portrayed as The Scales, suggesting balance is inherent in all members of this sign. I believe this is not a very good interpretation of Libra symbolism. In action, the scales seem to suggest the need for balance rather than the inherent acquisition of balance.

Libra personalities like to get back what they give out, even if the giving seemed to be unconditional. They are romantics who dream of luxuries and nice things and expect that their kindness and thoughtfulness should be enough to entitle them to the good life. This subconscious belief makes for some of the lesser appreciated Libra qualities, such as superficiality, vanity, and the over reliance on other people to make them happy.

In the Primal Zodiac Libra takes on many more forms than in Western Astrology. By considering both the Western and Eastern zodiac, Libra is divided into 12 individual Libra signs, each 1200% more detailed than the Libra sign alone. Those interested in learning more about how Libra personality traits are influenced by other subconscious astrological aspects, one can see how much difference there can be between different types of Libras. Profiles for each of these signs are available for free on this site. Just use this chart to find your birth date and follow the link to your Primal Zodiac sign or "Animal Spirit" as it is sometimes called.