Primal Zodiac Sign of Yak

Stubborn determination is the hallmark of the Yak. Those born under this sign simply do not accept “no” for an answer. Hard work and dedication to a cause will earn you the highest respect in a Yak’s eyes. Members of this sign tend to see things as “black or white”, meaning that there is rarely a middle ground to any situation. People’s actions are either right or wrong, things are either good or bad, people are either hard workers or lazy slobs. The word “compromise” does not exist in the vocabulary of a Yak. They know how they feel and have no reason to question it.

Yaks hate change. They prefer a steady, dependable routine where they can focus their efforts on moving forward one day at a time. Working is where they feel the most comfortable, whether in their career or on their homes, in their gardens, or on their hobbies. Yaks tend to live for their future goals rather than for the moment, and it can take a lot of convincing to get them to take a break. It’s too bad, too, because a well-rested and serene Yak can be one of the best companions to have around. Finding a balance between work and life, or rather living for the future versus living for the present, should be an important goal for everyone born under this sign.

It is notable that some of history’s most notorious dictators were Yaks. Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, and Niccolo Machiavelli, though all in very different ways, believed passionately and resolutely that fear and force among one’s own people were necessary components to creating and maintaining a strong following. This, of course, doesn’t mean that Yaks are evil or inhumane. Rather, comparing these former leaders shows that many Yaks share the trait of having a steadfast and uncompromising world view that they truly believe is best for all others to follow. The otherwise quiet and thoughtful Yak can become quite emphatic in sharing their passionate political viewpoints. One of this sign’s major life purposes is to learn to see past their own point of view and accepting the ideas of others, even if they personally disagree with them.


Yaks keep a small, but loyal group around them. They don’t like going out much and prefer quiet, familiar places when they do. Yaks don’t do small-talk well, they simply don’t have the time or patience for it. Those who know them well appreciate their ability to cut straight to the point and not sugar-coat conversations. If you can get a Yak friend to relax you will find that they are quite intelligent, loyal, and even fun to have around. If anyone outside the group were to try and cause trouble, the Yak would be the first to put an end to the situation - with force. Yaks will defend their closest friends and family with shocking force, but only when they deem it necessary.

Love is complicated for the Yak. Their difficulty in accepting others points of view can make long-term relationships difficult. Yaks are not rude or dismissive, but they know what they believe and will violate all social rules just to prove that they are right. In time, most members of this sign learn to suppress this trait in social situations, but they still have a hard time making long-term commitments until they have accepted that their way is not the only way or have managed to find a partner that will let them be the boss. Yaks often have admirers, but they are terrible at flirting. Striking up a casual conversation is not the most comfortable task for a Yak, though in time most figure out how to relax enough to be socially graceful. Age and experience do wonders for this side of a Yak’s personality.


There are a great many careers that Yaks can excel at. Whatever it is that they choose to go after they will do so with endless determination. That said, certain careers may be naturally better fits for this sign than others.

Yaks don’t need to be in charge, but they need to be able to have enough freedom to control their own destinies. Some may say that Yaks do best in a supporting role as they are more concerned with a hard day’s work than sitting in meetings all day talking about what to do next. Many Yaks become involved with agriculture in one way or another as this is often a way for them to put in hard work without having to control every aspect of the operation. They can till, water, and fertilize the land from dawn til dusk, then leave the sun, rain, and land to do the rest by its own nature. Yaks make great farmers, gardeners, ranchers, horticulturists, and even chefs. A Yak who is a chef almost always grows their own food or at least buys from local farms where they can trust that no shortcuts were taken to compromise the quality of the ingredients.

Of course, hard work comes in other forms as well. Yaks happen to be excellent with money, and in particular, investing that money. This can be an exciting career for the future-minded Yak, and they have many qualified opinions about how others should be investing. Yaks make great investment bankers, financial advisers, and real estate analysts and agents. They don’t, however, enjoy playing the stock market too much. Members of this sign view the stock market as a way for lazy investors to gamble their money away rather than letting their money slowly but steadily earn interest.


  • Audrina Patridge (5/9/1985)
  • Greg Raposo (5/3/1985)
  • Lily Allen (5/2/1985)
  • Courtnee Draper (4/24/1985)
  • Jason "Wee-Man" Acuña (5/16/1973)
  • Tori Spelling (5/16/1973)
  • Tina Yothers (5/5/1973)
  • Jeff Timmons (4/30/1973)
  • Enya (5/17/1961)
  • Tim Roth (5/14/1961)
  • Dennis Rodman (5/13/1961)
  • Ving Rhames (5/12/1961)
  • George Clooney (5/6/1961)
  • George Lopez (4/23/1961)
  • Don Mattingly (4/20/1961)
  • Rick Wakeman (5/18/1949)
  • Billy Joel (5/9/1949)
  • Joyce DeWitt (4/23/1949)
  • Jessica Lange (4/20/1949)
  • Brooks Robinson (5/18/1937)
  • Madeleine Albright (5/15/1937)
  • Trini Lopez (5/15/1937)
  • George Carlin (5/12/1937)
  • Frankie Valli (5/3/1937)
  • Saddam Hussein (4/28/1937)
  • Sandy Dennis (4/27/1937)
  • Jack Nicholson (4/22/1937)
  • George Takei (4/20/1937)
  • Malcolm X (5/19/1925)
  • Yogi Berra (5/12/1925)
  • Roscoe Lee Browne (5/2/1925)
  • Stewart Granger (5/6/1913)
  • Tyrone Power (5/5/1913)
  • Gary Cooper (5/7/1901)
  • Adolf Hitler (4/20/1889)
  • Niccolo Machiavelli (5/3/1469)


Yaks have the Tropical Sun sign of Taurus, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Ox.

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