Primal Zodiac Sign of Wolverine

Strong, proud, and emotional, those born under the sign of the Wolverine are born leaders who can rise to a challenge with the best of them. Like their animal namesake, Wolverines never back down, even to much bigger opponents. Their powerful presence and confidence in battle intimidate even the most resolved competitors, allowing them to achieve unlikely victories in territories that most others would fear to tread.

With such a strong personality, one might expect members of this sign to be serious all of the time, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth. Though less pronounced, Wolverines show their playful side often. In fact, if given the opportunity, they would prefer every day to be a lazy day filled with good food and rousing entertainment, but they also know that if they want to achieve their goals they must get up and fight for what they want.

Wolverines spend a good deal of energy putting forth a self-image that they want others to believe in. Pride is incredibly important to members of this sign, and in truth a great deal of their fight comes from the need to prove that they can match the power and intensity of anyone around them. If it were possible, they would make it so they could never show any weakness or uncertainty again. What they fail to realize is that it is their faults that make them charming and relate-able. Without their imperfections they risk coming across as overly aggressive and competitive, which many people find off-putting.

Though they can be among the most fun people you will ever meet, they also have a darker side that comes out when things don’t go their way. In fact, Wolverines have a reputation for sulking if they don’t get their way. Members of this sign want to be in control all of the time, and they don’t share the leadership role well. When they are happy they are outgoing, gregarious, and kind, but when they are upset these traits quickly disappear. The caveat is that Wolverines are far too proud to put their negative emotions on display, though they also don’t hide them as well as they think they do.

Ultimately, Wolverines want to be the best all the time. They can be controlling and moody when they are “off”, but when they are “on” there are few stars that shine as brightly as they do. With maturity will come stability, but Wolverines don’t have to worry too much about directing their energy one way or another. Unlike many other signs, those born under this one can typically let their intuition and natural ways of being guide them through life successfully. As long as Wolverines remember that they don’t always have to win, life can be whatever they want it to be.


Though they are typically considered the leaders of their social groups, Wolverines can be surprisingly needy. They might be known as big tough guys, but they are totally helpless when it comes to emotions like sadness or loneliness. Wolverines need to be loved and it needs to be shown. It’s not enough for friends to wish them well, they need displays of affection to be just that - on display. In return, Wolverines will shower their friends with affection and kindness, for few people can make others feel as good about themselves as Wolverines naturally do.

Wolverines have good luck in relationships. They naturally attract partners without trying, which means they usually get to be the ones chased and propositioned, which they love. However, it is not unlikely that they will be more intrigued by those who seem immune to their natural charms. After all, Wolverines love nothing more than fighting for what they want, and though they can be easily manipulated in their youth, older and more mature members of this sign will eventually do best to settle down with a partner who exudes a quiet stability. Females will require, at a minimum, flowers on valentines day (big enough for coworkers to be jealous of), while males will prefer gifts or experiences that show, without a doubt, how much they are loved and respected. Partners who forget these things won’t be partners for long, as Wolverines have famously fragile egos and emotions.


Not surprisingly, members of this ambitious and headstrong sign typically put much of their focus into their careers. If there is one guiding principle for Wolverines it is that they will do, feel, and serve much better if they are in charge. Not only are they naturally inclined to be the leader in every situation, they also rarely make good followers. It doesn’t matter so much what the career choice is as long as they feel in control of their destiny.

That said, there are several jobs that are tailor-made for the Wolverine personality, all of which involve equal parts risk and reward. Some are of an artistic nature while others focus more on money and material success. Which is the best choice depends on the other personality aspects of the individual. Artistic Wolverine careers include: Actor, Artist, Comedian, Theater Director, or Theatrical Agent, while more traditional business roles include: C.E.O., Entrepreneur, Stockbroker, Politician, and Teacher.


  • Usain Bolt (8/21/1986)
  • Amy Adams (8/20/1974)
  • Jeremy Castle (8/2/1974)
  • Hilary Swank (7/30/1974)
  • James Marsters (8/20/1962)
  • Felipe Calderón (8/18/1962)
  • Steve Carell (8/16/1962)
  • Michelle Yeoh (8/6/1962)
  • Patrick Ewing (8/5/1962)
  • Roger Clemens (8/4/1962)
  • Wesley Snipes (7/31/1962)
  • Gary Larson (8/14/1950)
  • Steve Wozniak (8/11/1950)
  • John Landis (8/3/1950)
  • Judge Lance Ito (8/2/1950)
  • Kenny Rogers (8/21/1938)
  • Connie Stevens (8/8/1938)
  • Peter Jennings (7/29/1938)
  • Jiang Zemin (8/17/1926)
  • Fidel Castro (8/13/1926)
  • John Derek (8/12/1926)
  • Stan Freberg (8/7/1926)
  • Tony Bennett (8/3/1926)
  • Ogden Nash (8/19/1902)
  • H.P. Lovecraft (8/20/1890)
  • Matthew Henson (8/8/1866)
  • Beatrix Potter (7/28/1866)
  • Emily Bronte (7/30/1818)
  • William Clark (8/1/1770)


Wolverines have the Tropical Sun sign of Leo, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Tiger.

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