What is my astrological sign, you ask? Well that depends on the zodiac system you are using. With Primal Astrology you aren’t forced into one of only 12 zodiac signs, you are represented by one of 144 different Primal Zodiac signs. Each one is 1200% more accurate than your Sun sign or Chinese zodiac sign alone. That’s because the Primal Astrology system calculates for both Western and Eastern astrology, so you no longer have to wonder why your “zodiac sign” only seems to partially represent who you really are.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to relearn everything about astrology because standard Western and Eastern astrology systems are included in Primal Astrology, providing easy to recognize symbols while still increasing the accuracy of your astrological readings by 1200%.

You can easily figure out your astrological sign for free on this website. Armed with this information, you will then be able to use this knowledge to discover your compatibility with others, the best career options for you, your unique approach to life, the subconscious qualities you bring, and even past life information.

But hands down the most important part of the question - what is my astrological sign - is what this sign means in regards to your life’s purpose. What most people don’t realize is that everyone has a plan that they helped create before they were born. Once our souls enter our bodies we forget what this plan is and must rediscover it in our lifetime. When life was simpler this was a much easier task to accomplish, but with the complexity of the modern world and so many distractions around us, it has become incredibly difficult for anyone to find their path without help.

That is where Primal Astrology comes in. You don’t just get information about your astrological sign, you get a complete profile that tells you exactly who you were born to be and how you can fulfill your destiny.

To answer your question - what is my astrological sign - you can simply click here to find out for free.