If you are wondering what attracts the Virgo man, you are not alone. Virgo is a complex sign that represents left-brained concepts, such as organization, analysis, and reason, but also has several emotionally charged strengths, representing the caretaker, teacher, and guardian.

To understand a Virgo man, you have to understand how the sign interacts with masculine tendencies. As many already know, Virgo is characterized by the star goddess Astraea, the strong-hearted champion of humanity. Because of this many amateur astrologers feel that Virgo is a feminine sign, but this is not very accurate. It's better to say that Virgo represents qualities that we tend to think of as more feminine than masculine, such as emotional depth, sympathy, and creation.

All Virgo men are connected to their feminine qualities, though some may not be comfortable with acknowledging this. What attracts the Virgo man most are qualities like confidence, assertiveness, decisiveness, and a strong sense of self.

Virgos are more indecisive than many other signs, though it would be wise to check the Primal Zodiac Sign in order to see how subconscious patterns play out for each individual. Virgo men are likely to want to create more than some men of other signs. They have creative minds but require the use of their organized, analytical side. If a potential partner is organized or analytical as well, this can be very helpful. Once Virgo men dig into an issue, they will need to explore it fully. They can easily get lost focusing on small details and may be so consumed with solving their own mysteries that they seem detached or disinterested.

Virgos in general tend to get along fairly well with other Virgos, though they also seem to have a special Earth connection with Taurus and are intrigued by the warmth and passion of Leo. But don't forget to check the Primal Zodiac Sign to get a better idea of how each individuals Chinese Zodiac Sign factors into the equation. You can find your Primal Zodiac Sign here for free.

To learn more about what attracts the Virgo man, it is important to also understand the subconscious (Chinese Zodiac) influence, which can be done using the Primal Zodiac (as long as you the specific man in question's birth date).