The first thing most people mention in a Virgo personality profile is usually their serious demeanor. Though they like to have as good a time as anyone, it is difficult for members of this sign to relax if their lives are out of balance. Though balance may seem to be more of a Libra trait than a Virgo trait, it is well within the normal description of Virgo to seek balance, justice, and equity in all affairs. Remember, it is Virgo that holds Libra's scales of justice, and weighing both sides of the truth is one of the key Virgo characteristics.

Writing a concise Virgo personality profile is difficult because of the range of emotions that most members of this sign go through within a week let alone within their entire lifetimes. One of the key Virgo traits, though, is the depth of reflection and resilience that a Virgos will put themselves through in order to find the truth within themselves.

Like Pisces, a major Virgo trait is to be helpful and to give freely of one's self, but this must be approached cautiously. It is well within the personality of Virgo to give too freely, too openly, which is why some believe that another major Virgo trait is an inability to let go of the past.

No description of Virgo would be complete without mentioning this key aspect of a Virgo personality profile. Members of this sign often become too reflective, living more in their own minds than they do in the real world. Though the goal is to analyze the information they have available, the results are sometimes those which they do not like, and it is not part of the personality of Virgo to simply be okay with the better of two bad choices. It is more likely that they will continue to analyze the data until a better option comes along, though sometimes one never does.

Depression and resistance to the reality of the world are definite things to watch for in the Virgo personality. It is easy for them to become too insistent on making their beliefs into reality instead of the other way around. Yet, the core Virgo characteristics contradict this nature by focusing intellectually on the "real world" in order to make decisions. One can easily see where these inner conflicts can create disharmony in a Virgo's life.

Because this is a sign of varying emotions and beliefs over time, it is good for members of this sign to consider the other aspects of astrology that make up who they are. Everyone has multiple star and planet alignments, and Virgo is no exception. On this site, one can find their birth date on our chart and find a more refined Virgo personality profile by including the Chinese Zodiac's influence as well. These profiles are provided at no cost and can be read online for free at any time.

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