The traits of a Libra include diplomacy, intelligence, and peacefulness. The characteristics of a Libra are many and the Libra personality is one that can be challenging to understand. This Libra profile will shed some light on this surprisingly mysterious sign, including both the bright side and the dark side of Libra astrology. For any individual there are many more astrological traits than the Western Zodiac sign alone can provide. Subtleties in the planetary alignments and the strong subconscious influences from the Chinese Zodiac make it rather difficult to apply all of these traits of a Libra into every individual born under this sign. There are many resources on this site that can assist with this understanding, from Personality Profiles to Life Path Reports to our free Primal Zodiac profiles. Feel free to explore them at your leisure, but we will start now with the most common traits of a Libra.

The most common traits of a Libra include gracefulness, peacefulness, and a strong sense of justice. Other Libra qualities such as romanticism, hospitality, and intelligence are common as well, though these can be more strongly influenced by other astrological forces. Libra is known for having a dark side as well, which most often rises from the exhaustion of trying to be everything for everyone.

Of all the characteristics of a Libra, none can be so pronounced as their need for the love and approval of others. Libra is a sign of friendship and partnership and those who lack in these areas will have a significantly more difficult time finding balance in life. The Libra personality often looks to others for support, but this can backfire on them too easily. A true Libra profile should include the tendency to become too reliant on other people to create happiness. Once this happens it is common for Libras to expect too much of others, which seems to contradict their passion for fairness. These characteristics of a Libra can cast a shadow over the many better Libra qualities, such as the love of adventure or their gracious and giving nature.

In Primal Astrology there are 12 individual zodiac signs for each of the 12 Western Zodiac signs. All of the traits of a Libra are combined with the traits of the individual's respective Chinese Zodiac sign, creating a powerful Primal Zodiac profile that is 1200% more accurate than than a Libra profile alone. Many of the characteristics of a Libra are highly adaptable to the other astrological elements, making these Primal Zodiac descriptions imperative to the understanding of each Libra individual. You can use your birth date to find your Primal Zodiac sign for free on this site, and I encourage you to do so. If you are new to Primal Astrology and would like to know more about the essential philosophies behind this astrological system, a primer is available on this site as well.