Primal Zodiac Sign of Tarantula

When considering the animal kingdom, most people think of the tarantula as a big, hairy, venomous spider, but in truth these bold and unique creatures are mostly harmless to humans. At the same time, they are cunning and agile hunters who are always one step ahead of their prey. Ambush is their primary method of capture, opting for stealth over strength. Instead of sight or hearing, touch is the keenest sense, and in hunting it primarily depends on vibrations given off by the movements of its prey.

In the Primal Zodiac, these same core traits are inherent in those who are born under the sign of the Tarantula. Combining the adventurousness of Sagittarius with the graceful instincts of the Snake, members of this sign are both strong and intelligent. They seem to have a sixth sense for knowing what others are thinking, but in reality they are simply highly observant and have an inherent knowledge of human behavior. Having the Snake as one’s Chinese Zodiac sign gives one a seductive, charming, and mysterious edge. This perfectly compliments the Sagittarius inside, who would otherwise not be focused on the small details surrounding them. Likewise, a Sagittarius sun sign keeps the Snake from becoming lazy and self-indulgent.

Tarantulas focus on what they are interested in and can hold that focus longer than almost anyone else. They are optimistic and exuberant about chasing what they want, but they are also sly and cautious in their approach. Tarantulas always put themselves in the best possible position before they strike. Despite their love of adventure and new experiences, they don’t like to take unnecessary risks. Still they have to do what they do with a certain level of skill and showmanship.

The one great weakness that Tarantulas have is the tendency to become too detached from the world around them. Because they are highly capable of getting where they want to go (and they tend to want to go a lot of places), those born under this sign can be coldly calculating at times. Because they are gifted in the art of manipulation and are smart enough to know how to use it, there always exists the potential to take advantage of those around them.

If there’s one thing you can’t deny about Tarantulas is that they have style. It might not be the same style as everyone else around them, but their sense of individual flair is one that does not go unnoticed. Tarantulas usually have a great sense of humor, though those who are easily offended may not so readily agree.


Elegant, charming, and surprisingly agreeable, members of this sign have little trouble making friends. They tend to be friendly and receptive rather than outgoing, which only adds to their soft-spoken mysteriousness. Keeping a good balance between their social life and their independence is important and can keep a Tarantula from become too detached and unemotional. Be warned, crossing a Tarantula is not a good idea. They are capable of plotting the most complex and insidious revenge strategies. Luckily, few people are foolish enough to become the prey of this powerful sign.

Tarantulas are typically self-focused, though they are highly aware of those around them. Still, sensitive types will probably not pair well with this sign as Tarantulas have a tendency to be unemotional and logical. At the same time members of this sign understand what others want from them and can be romantic and even enchanting if they really want to. The challenge in relationships is twofold. Tarantulas don’t like to be held back from doing what they want to do - independence is highly important. They also get bored easily and if a relationship is not working they have little attachment to sticking around to try to fix it. Eventually most Tarantulas will find the perfect partner (or rather the perfect partner will find them), and this will allow them to live a fully balanced life.


Tarantulas don’t take the common path, unless that path leads directly where they want to go. They are wildly smart, but more than that they are highly adept at strategy. In the right situation, this could lead them to great heights in the business world. However, Tarantulas are generally too smart and too well-tuned into the reality of the world to be able to handle being bossed around by middle-management for too long. If they don’t get put in charge of something of reasonable importance they will likely lose interest and go find something else to do.

Tarantulas are lifelong learners, but they are also well-spoken and well-educated (even if self-educated). Bored easily, members of this sign do best when they are continuously learning and trying new things. They are great researchers, writers, and speakers which makes them natural candidates for teaching. To tell the truth, Tarantulas can probably only be college or university professors as lower-level teaching will probably not pique their interests enough. No matter what they do, those born under this sign would be wise to focus their efforts on mastering one subject rather than simply following their various interests around (at least in the career world).


  • Taylor Swift (12/13/1989)
  • Cassie Steele (12/2/1989)
  • Brad Delson (12/1/1977)
  • Andy Dick (12/21/1965)
  • Jessica Steen (12/19/1965)
  • Johnny Rzeznik (12/5/1965)
  • Ben Stiller (11/30/1965)
  • Bill Pullman (12/17/1953)
  • John Malkovich (12/9/1953)
  • Kim Basinger (12/8/1953)
  • Sam Kinison (12/8/1953)
  • Tom Hulce (12/6/1953)
  • Shuggie Otis (11/30/1953)
  • Lesley Stahl (12/16/1941)
  • John Davidson (12/13/1941)
  • Dionne Warwick (12/12/1941)
  • Beau Bridges (12/9/1941)
  • Eddie Rabbit (11/27/1941)
  • William Safire (12/17/1929)
  • Dick Clark (11/30/1929)
  • Berry Gordy, Jr. (11/28/1929)
  • Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson (12/18/1917)
  • Ossie Davis (12/18/1917)
  • Arthur C. Clarke (12/16/1917)
  • "Buffalo" Bob Smith (11/27/1917)
  • Edward G. Robinson (12/12/1893)
  • Joseph Conrad (12/3/1857)
  • John Singleton Mosby (12/6/1833)


Tarantulas have the Tropical Sun sign of Sagittarius, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Snake.

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