Primal Zodiac Sign of Swordfish

Proud, energetic and eccentric, those born under the sign of the Swordfish can’t help but walk their own path in life. Filled with big dreams and big ideas, members of this sign are as organized and precise as they are intelligent and adventurous. Swordfish live by their own philosophy in life, which includes a look-before-you-leap faith that everything will work out in their favor.

Since Swordfish are continuously focused on themselves, many others find them to be arrogant or egotistical. That isn’t an unfair assumption, though like any sign, certain aspects in the birth chart will have a strong influence on how self-centered each individual is and if it does indeed end up overpowering their finer characteristics. If nothing else, Swordfish are self-assured and confident. They don’t fear change and often perform better in crunch time than when in a low-stress environment.

Like their animal namesake, those born under the sign of the Swordfish often use their natural approach to shock others into paying attention to them. Just as the sharp billed fish stun their prey with rapid, sudden leaps, members of this sign often have an extremely direct, if not blunt, way of speaking to others that keeps everyone on their toes. In truth, Swordfish require a lot of attention and feel the need to be heard over the noise of the crowd. Though normally bright and dashing in personality, they will occasionally start controversies just to make a point.

Though it can be more curse than blessing at times, Swordfish are very good at expressing themselves. At their best they are colorful, powerful, and radiant individuals who can keep up in just about any conversation. They key is that they have many different interests, therefore they know a little bit about a lot of different topics. There is usually one or two key passions that members of this sign hold dear, even if they are offbeat or eccentric. Deep down, Swordfish have a desire to make the world a better place. If nothing else, they hope to leave their mark on the world and inspire future generations to do the same.


Those born under the sign of the Swordfish are social by nature. They enjoy going new places and meeting new people - anything for the sake of adventure. They can be painfully direct at times, completely ignoring social graces to make their point, and they also enjoy debating to a large degree. In fact, nothing makes them happier than proving themselves right. This social style will almost certainly put many people off, but those who know a Swordfish well know not to take their words too seriously.

Swordfish have the potential to attract many romantic partners. They are, after all, one of the most confident, exuberant, and dashing signs of all. It also doesn’t hurt that they are typically well dressed, stylish, and sharply organized. Though their unique approach to life may feel a bit too dominant for many to handle, Swordfish always have a line of suitors backed up around the corner. Once they settle down they are loyal and true, but potential mates should expect a great deal of maturity to be required before this happens. The restless, adventurous spirit of a Swordfish will likely keep these individuals out on the dating scene longer than the average person.


Not surprisingly, Swordfish like to be the boss. They also like to work hard to prove their worth to both superiors and subordinates alike. Members of this sign know how capable they are and are highly motivated to prove this to others. If not technically in charge they will still exude a bossy, dominant vibe in the workplace. Though they are highly organized when it comes to their goals, they are not great with fine details. Bosses need to give Swordfish very specific, explicit instructions in order to keep them on track.

Swordfish usually have a specific ambition that they have been cultivating for a long time. Though many signs have distinct preferences toward certain careers, this is not the case for this sign. If they can manage to sit still long enough, all Swordfish should spend time quietly and calmly meditating on the choice of careers that would suit them best. Somewhere inside, many members of this sign know exactly what they should be doing.

Some of the more common career options for Swordfish include: athlete, doctor, hairdresser, lawyer, news anchor, philosopher, police officer, and sales person.


  • AnnaSophia Robb (12/8/1993)
  • Amy Lee (12/13/1981)
  • Zacky Vengeance (12/11/1981)
  • Lila McCann (12/4/1981)
  • Brian Bonsall (12/3/1981)
  • Britney Spears (12/2/1981)
  • Natasha Bedingfield (11/26/1981)
  • Barbara and Jenna Bush (11/25/1981)
  • Jack Noseworthy (12/21/1969)
  • Jakob Dylan (12/9/1969)
  • Andrew J. Howard (12/6/1969)
  • Jay-Z (12/4/1969)
  • Ray Romano (12/21/1957)
  • Billy Bragg (12/20/1957)
  • Steve Buscemi (12/13/1957)
  • Sheila E. (12/12/1957)
  • Donny Osmond (12/9/1957)
  • Andrew Cuomo (12/6/1957)
  • Caroline Kennedy (11/27/1957)
  • Peter Criss (12/20/1945)
  • Chris Matthews (12/17/1945)
  • Bette Midler (12/1/1945)
  • Cicely Tyson (12/19/1933)
  • Tim Conway (12/15/1933)
  • Flip Wilson (12/8/1933)
  • Lou Rawls (12/1/1933)
  • John Mayall (11/29/1933)
  • Robert Goulet (11/26/1933)
  • Rodney Dangerfield (11/22/1921)
  • Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (12/9/1909)
  • James Agee (11/27/1909)
  • Cyril Ritchard (12/1/1897)
  • Charles "Lucky" Luciano (11/24/1897)


Swordfish have the Tropical Sun sign of Sagittarius, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Rooster.

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