Primal Zodiac Sign of Sun Bear

Those born under the sign of the Sun Bear are something of a contradiction. On one hand they are funny, outgoing, warm, and upbeat, but just as often are serious, overly hard-working, determined, and even stubborn. They are excellent in social situations, able to charm with ease and speak with great authority. Sun Bears are natural leaders who command the respect of even their most bitter of detractors.

Members of this sign struggle to live a balance between these two very distinct sides of their personalities. It seems that only when they are working towards a goal do they feel balanced, so they tend to work long, hard hours in order to try to make things right. This is an optimistic sign that believes that what you give will be returned to you, so for the most part they try to stay positive at all times. Showing weakness is not part of their nature, so don’t expect them to back down from a challenge.

Though socially adept and charming, Sun Bears do most of their best work lost in their own thoughts. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign have a solitary, stoic quality that seems somewhat out of character. This deep, personal thinking, however, is where their deep connection to their passion and personal ideals stems from. It is critically important to the balance of a Sun Bear that they take this time to themselves to recharge themselves for another day in the spotlight of the world.


Though they are generally very kind and highly likable, there is something about Sun Bears that polarizes people. Others tend to either love or hate them, though neither side can really explain why. For the most part they are highly respected, which gains them great support from those they meet and jealousy from those who only see their successes from a distance. Despite their polarizing personalities, Sun Bears have little trouble making and keeping friends - most of whom stay extremely loyal throughout their lifetimes. The ability to gather support in a moment’s notice is a hallmark of this sign.

Sun Bears usually end up falling in love and staying in it. They are extremely loyal partners and parents who recognize how important true friends and close family are. Despite their constant need to work, members of this sign understand what is truly important in life, and are willing to give freely of themselves knowing that their love will be returned. That said, betraying a Sun Bear’s trust is a very, very bad idea. The usually placid personality will quickly and shockingly be replaced with a vicious defensive nature that does not forgive easily.


The natural leadership ability combined with the innate charm and well-spoken nature make a career in politics almost an instinctive draw. More than that, this is a powerful sign that can strongly influence others to at least consider their ideas. Though each individual has a different idea of what is best for their people, this is a sign that is always moving toward an ideal world. Famous Sun Bear leaders include U.S. President Barack Obama and former French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Sun Bears in particular should search their innermost talents to see where they fit best. This is a sign that can be successful at anything - as long as they are passionate about it. Whether an actor, artist, athlete, or musician, this is a sign that commands unusual amounts of attention simply by following their hearts.

The most natural role for a Sun Bear is that of a teacher or mentor. Sun Bears have a way of positively influencing the lives of those around them, especially the young and impressionable idealists of the world. This is a sign that can change the world through their influence on others just as easily as they can through their own work.


  • Nipsey Hussle (8/15/1985)
  • Howie Dorough (8/22/1973)
  • Tempestt Bledsoe (8/1/1973)
  • Wanya Morris (7/29/1973)
  • Kate Beckinsale (7/26/1973)
  • Tony Vincent (7/25/1973)
  • Monica Lewinsky (7/23/1973)
  • Nomar Garciapara (7/23/1973)
  • Dave "The Edge" Evans (8/8/1961)
  • Barack Obama (8/4/1961)
  • Laurence Fishburne (7/30/1961)
  • Lamont "ShowBoat" Robinson (7/23/1961)
  • Woody Harrelson (7/23/1961)
  • Philippe Petit (8/13/1949)
  • Keith Carradine (8/8/1949)
  • Marilyn Quayle (7/29/1949)
  • Maureen McGovern (7/27/1949)
  • Roger Taylor (7/26/1949)
  • Michael Richards (7/24/1949)
  • Dustin Hoffman (8/8/1937)
  • Fess Parker (8/16/1925)
  • Mike Connors (8/15/1925)
  • Rose Marie (8/15/1925)
  • Russell Baker (8/14/1925)
  • Mike Douglas (8/11/1925)
  • Menachem Begin (8/16/1913)
  • Louis Armstrong (8/4/1901)
  • Rudy Vallee (7/28/1901)
  • Napoleon Bonaparte (8/15/1769)


Sun Bears have the Tropical Sun sign of Leo, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Ox.

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