Primal Zodiac Sign of Seahorse

In the animal kingdom, seahorses have a surprisingly hard exterior. This heavy armor both protects them from danger and weighs them down. These sea creatures end up spending a great deal of time and energy anchoring themselves to the sea floor to avoid being swept away by passing tides and currents. Similarly, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Seahorse will always choose survival first, even if it slows them down from getting where they want to go.

Seahorses are unique individuals. From the outside they can be a bit hard to understand. Often the exterior you see will not match the person inside. Usually portraying a tough but charming persona, Seahorses are often internally insecure. As much armor as they put up, they still need love and encouragement from others, but they think it makes them look weak to admit it. In fact, members of this sign rarely ever talk about themselves or share their troubles, yet they are among the best at listening and giving good advice. Such seeming contradictions are part of the intrigue and mystery of this powerful sign.

It is very important for Seahorses to think of themselves as self-reliant, which they are, but they also need to admit when they need help, which they won’t do. Instead, those born under this sign would rather slowly and steadily crawl toward their goals than risk appearing incapable or needy. Interestingly it is often their independent successes that give them the confidence to progress in life. Over time, each Seahorse will need to figure out that by accepting assistance from others, they can actually make it much farther in life. Those who don’t may face a great deal of frustration, difficulty, and anxiety.

At their best, Seahorses will find a balance in life that will allow them to reach their goals without burning themselves out. At their worst the fear of lacking money or success can take over, making them greedy, narrow-minded, judgmental, and self-pitying.


Seahorses usually know a lot of people. Whether through work or social networking, this is a sign that tends to have a lot of acquaintances. On the flip side, members of this sign usually only keep a small selection of close friends who truly know them. True friends are like family to them, and family is of high importance. Those closest to a Seahorse may be the only ones who truly know what this person is like; most others will instead get a polite and casual glance at the person inside.

Thus, love can be challenging to find for members of this sign. Seahorses are notoriously hard to get to know, but they are also caring, sensitive and devoted when they do finally make a commitment to a partnership. Before finding their “one and only”, expect Seahorses to break a lot of hearts along the way, usually out of boredom. Young Seahorses tend to be too focused on managing their own lives to be able to commit much to anyone else. Over time these flighty traits will fade away and the mature and stable Seahorse that comes through in the end will be ready to start a family of their own.


Seahorses are curious creatures and prefer to follow their well-tuned instincts when searching for their passion in life. While those born under this sign are tough and imaginative enough to succeed in the corporate world, they will most likely find that the most enjoyable careers are the ones that take their unique interests and skills into consideration.

Often this means working in some kind of business where they feel they can serve others in their own unique way, such as in restaurants, cake shops, or in the beauty industry. Seahorses like to feed people, both literally and figuratively. They do best when they can make others feel good, though this may not seem to fit their personality at first glance.

Seahorses do best when serving in managerial role. They make much better bosses than workers on the front lines. Above all Seahorses need to be needed. Unlike some other signs, members of this one can find more success and contentment in middle-management roles than they might trying to strike out on their own. Ironically business is the one place where they will take risks, and thanks to their excellent intuition and ability to spot upcoming trends, they usually succeed.


  • Fantasia Barrino (6/30/1984)
  • Khloé Kardashian (6/27/1984)
  • Beth Stern (7/15/1972)
  • Selma Blair (6/23/1972)
  • Mark Burnett (7/17/1960)
  • Kim Alexis (7/15/1960)
  • Jane Lynch (7/14/1960)
  • John Elway (6/28/1960)
  • Cat Stevens (7/21/1948)
  • Richard Simmons (7/12/1948)
  • Fred Grandy (6/29/1948)
  • Kathy Bates (6/28/1948)
  • Todd Rundgren (6/22/1948)
  • Kris Kristofferson (6/22/1936)
  • Don Knotts (7/21/1924)
  • Bess Myerson (7/16/1924)
  • Eva Marie Saint (7/4/1924)
  • Sidney Lumet (6/25/1924)
  • Art Linkletter (7/17/1912)
  • Woody Guthrie (7/14/1912)
  • Alan Turing (6/23/1912)
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery (6/29/1900)


Seahorses have the Tropical Sun sign of Cancer, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Rat.

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