There are many fascinating Sagittarius traits that may sometimes seem to be contradictory to one another, however once you understand the core characteristics of Sagittarius, interpreting this behavior becomes a whole lot easier.

The Sagittarius personality includes traits like optimism, generosity, and a longing to make the world a better place, but these alone don't provide a very good description of this sign. While Sagittarians are indeed kind and generous, they are also often emotionally detached from real life, seeking adventure and wisdom that can only be acquired in the real world.

The combination of these Sagittarius traits can be rather confusing to other signs. They have deeply constructed philosophies about life one moment and are off screwing around the next. They can be emotionally deep one moment and completely detached the next.

The key to understanding the Sagittarius personality comes from one of the most powerful of Sagittarius traits - the need for independence.

Freedom is incredibly important to the Sagittarius personality. Without it, all other desires are diminished accordingly. Members of this sign don't need to always be off on a big adventure, but they do need to know that new experiences will be available to them soon. They live for the excitement of trying out new things and become incredibly irritable when bored.

Following that which they are drawn to is one of the key characteristics of Sagittarius. They have a certain trust that everything will work out and don't always make a lot of plans for their adventures, as they prefer to go with the flow and see what happens. They rarely weigh the pros and cons of their decisions, preferring to find out as they go. Indeed this can be one of the more frustrating of Sagittarius traits, especially for fixed signs such as Taurus or Scorpio.

For such a complex sign, more information is required to truly uncover the specific personality of each individual Sagittarian. In Primal Astrology, all Sagittarius traits are included within the 12 Primal Zodiac Signs of Sagittarius. All you need to do is use this chart to find the exact date of birth, and follow the link to the Primal Zodiac sign, which includes the traits of Sagittarius combined with the traits of the respective Chinese Zodiac sign, represented by the lunar calendar.

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