For a Sagittarius profile to make sense, we must approach things from a Sagittarian point of view. It's true that this sign can be difficult for certain other signs to understand, but that is exactly what makes the Sagittarius personality so fascinating. Members of this sign are independent, adventurous, and good hearted. They are unique individuals who often come across a bit reserved, though those close to them soon realize this is just one of the many potentially confusing Sagittarius traits.

This is a hard sign to read for some, but not for others. Sagittarians are notoriously blunt, though they don't intend to say harmful things. They often think out loud, and have to try harder than most to filter out their thoughts. One of the key characteristics of Sagittarius is their desire to look before they leap. It is easy for them to get caught up in an exciting idea and forget all caution or manners.

The Sagittarius personality is filled with optimism, sincerity, and an honest desire to see the world become a better place. However, members of this sign don't always feel the need to take it upon themselves to make it this way. Any honest Sagittarius profile will tell you that this sign can be almost painfully unemotional. While they often hold high ideals, they don't get caught up in drama between individuals and can come across as very nonchalant when dealing with the emotions of others.

For a more complete Sagittarius profile, I recommend using the Primal Zodiac system, available for free on this site. All you have to do is find your birth date on this chart and you will be directed to your Primal Zodiac sign or "Animal Spirit", which is the primal representation of the combination of both Eastern and Western astrological signs. By blending the two together, one can get a much better concept of each individual, particularly which Sagittarius traits increase or decrease depending on the influence of the Chinese zodiac sign.