Sagittarius men are an interesting lot to say the least. Funny, kind, and optimistic they appear to be the easiest going people on the planet, but there is far more to this sign than meets the eye. All Sagittarians are adventurous and excitable, but Sagittarius men in particular are experts at hiding their true feelings. It's not intentional, it's just one of those Sagittarius traits that other signs have a hard time figuring out.

This is a sign of the adventurer. Sagittarius the Archer doesn't run from trouble any more than he runs toward it. The Sagittarius man looks before he leaps, most certainly, but it is with an optimism and excitement that few others share.

A Sagittarius relationship is challenging for partners who don't inherently understand this sign. Members of this sign are not likely to talk to you about their problems, or even feel comfortable when you talk about yours. Some see Sagittarius men as emotionally detached, and there is some truth to this.  Those born under the Archer are future focused and spend a great deal of energy trying to get themselves where they want to be. Obstacles do not bother them as long as they can keep moving ever forward.

It is when they get bored that things go bad. A key Sagittarius trait is to become restless and irritable when one's life become dull or routine. All Sagittarians, but especially Sagittarius men, like to "run off" toward new experiences and adventures and most would love to have a partner who wanted to do the same, but those who tend to attract a Sagittarius are not always a good fit. Romantic or Security-driven types (such as Libra and Taurus, respectively) often complain that Sagittarius doesn't take things seriously enough, though this is simply a matter of different perspectives.

In order to dig deep into a Sagittarius relationship one has to look beyond the semi-emotionless wall that members of this sign tend to put up without knowing it. Subconscious traits in astrology are revealed by the moon, which is what the Chinese Zodiac is based on (the Western Zodiac relates to phases of the sun). So if you really want to know what is going on in the heads of Sagittarius men, you can use this chart to find the person in question's Primal Zodiac sign. Primal Zodiac signs include both Western and Chinese astrology, making it 1200% more accurate than either ancient astrology system alone. Best of all, profiles are provided for you for free! All you need is your birth date and this chart to take the deepest look yet into your (or someone else's) true nature.