There are many outstanding Sagittarius characteristics, but none so prevalent as the need for independence. The Sagittarius personality dictates that members of this sign must be optimistic, individual, adventure-seeking, and restless. Yet many of the other key Sagittarius traits have little resemblance to this idea.

Sagittarians are big hearted and generous to a large degree. They enjoy being around people even if they don't enjoy taking part in the conversation. Ever the optimist, one of the favorite Sagittarius characteristics is their willingness to try new things. Even if they don't love change, members of this sign will face it better than many others.

Sagittarius relationships are even fairly easy, as long as partners don't expect too much attention or presence. It is well within the Sagittarius profile to become aloof and emotionally detached at times, though this is not done with the purpose of causing harm or hurting feelings. Members of this sign are future-focused, meaning that they are often spending right now thinking about where to go on their next vacation or contemplating the importance of going skydiving before they die.

Furthermore, one of the more challenging of Sagittarius characteristics is their tendency to speak bluntly. This is an honest sign, perhaps too honest sometimes. They find truth to be the basis for their sense of humor and are not very concerned with emotions (or overtly emotional people). They aren't unkind or impolite, rather they don't value emotional reactions as much as they value freedom, excitement, and adventure.

Sagittarians are either lucky because they are optimistic or optimistic because they are lucky. Either way, there is a certain charm to the Sagittarius personality that comes from their innocence. They view life differently from everyone else, often having a deeply held philosophy despite their tendency to not seem like they care about anything.

Of course, everyone is different, and what takes place in the subconscious of one Sagittarian may be very different from what takes place in another. Therefore, to truly understand Sagittarius characteristics, you need to dig a bit deeper, astrologically speaking. Luckily on this site there are 144 free astrological profiles that you can read at your leisure. My recommendation is to use this chart to find the date of birth of the person you are inquiring about and read the corresponding profile. There are 12 "signs" for Sagittarius, one to match with each of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. With both Eastern and Western influences, it is much easier to analyze what is really going on in a Sagittarian's head.