Those born under the Rabbit Chinese star sign are well known for being kind, calm, and warm hearted. In the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit is the calm, collected, and yet shy individual who operates much within his or her comfort zone. Rabbits like to have their own space to feel safe and comfortable in, and though they are as socially adept as they need to be, it can be hard to get the elusive Rabbit of the Chinese Zodiac out of hiding every once in a while. Nonetheless, this sign makes for one of the best friends a person could ask for, so its worth the effort it takes to keep in touch with them.

Members of this sign don't like confrontation, though this can be altered significantly depending on the individual's Western Zodiac sign as well as other aspects in each individual's birth chart. The Rabbit Chinese star sign is well suited to interactions with people that don't involve any type of aggression or conflict. It's not that Rabbit's won't stand up for themselves, though it's more likely that they will stand up for friends and family first, it's just that the Chinese Zodiac's Rabbit has a lot more in common with its animal namesake than some other Chinese zodiac signs.

The Rabbit Chinese star sign is known for having great taste. Fashionable, elegant, and often unintentionally charming, this is the sign to go to if you want advice on decorating your home, choosing a new wardrobe, or throwing a party (especially if combined with another sign that enjoys hosting at home, such as Taurus). Rabbits are great hosts but are also sympathetic friends, whose amiable personality makes it easy for others to confide in them.

In Primal Astrology the Chinese Rabbit sign has 12 different sub-signs, one for each of the 12 signs of the Western Zodiac. If you are new to Primal Astrology you can read primers here and here. The basic concept is that every individual has BOTH a Western and Chinese zodiac sign, so why do we tend to use only one or the other? The Rabbit Chinese star sign has 1200% more depth when combined with its Western counterpart, and you can find a full detailed explanation of each of those signs right here on this site. Simply use this free chart to find your birthdate and follow the "Animal Spirit" or Primal Zodiac sign that applies to you.