Primal Zodiac Sign of Porcupine

Intuitive, creative, and charming, those born under the sign of the Porcupine have a sense of nobility to them that they carry wherever they go. Like their animal namesake, they are home bodies who don’t look for confrontation but are also quick to defend themselves. Likeable, graceful, and lucky, they value comfort to a high degree and will often put it above all else.

Though they are often socially progressive, Porcupines can be very set in their ways. They usually are influenced by their parents and teachers at an early age and may stubbornly stick to ideas and philosophies that no longer serve them. Porcupines do not like change. They do not like to think that their perspective may be flawed and when confronted with the truth this normally strong and confident sign often sticks its head in the sand. Members of this sign justify basing their actions on their emotions because they feel very certain that they are fair people, and therefore their perspective must also be fair.

With the Chinese Zodiac sign of Dragon influencing the subconscious, it is not at all unusual for Porcupines to feel entitled to a higher degree of respect and authority than everyone else. Even though this contradicts Libra’s sense of justice, they have little trouble adjusting their concept of fairness to their own benefit. Then, when things do shake out evenly they feel a bit jilted because they felt that they deserved more than what they received.

Porcupines understand that there is a social system and play their role in that system well. They are often the strong-willed co-stars to more dominant personalities, relying on their likeability, kindness, and natural magnetism to draw others to them. Porcupines are polarizing individuals who make both friends and enemies easily. Yet, they make a family wherever they go. Good friends feel both protective over them and protected by them. Good friends are often closer than blood relatives. Much bad behavior is forgiven for these people and in return this extended “family” doesn’t ask too much of Porcupines, especially when it comes to dealing with difficult or uncomfortable relationships.


Porcupines are proud, confident, and straightforward. Some people like them and some people don’t. They are usually well mannered and polite, but can be harshly judgmental of others. In this way they choose their friends and their friends choose them. Porcupines don’t have a big group of friends, but they may have many more acquaintances than they might expect. They dislike confrontation but are not afraid to defend themselves. Unlike most other Primal Zodiac signs involving Libra, Porcupines don’t seem to mind much if others don’t like them, since they probably don’t like those people either.

Partnerships can be tricky for this sign, especially in early adulthood. The Chinese Zodiac influence of the Dragon provides enough nobility and authority that most Porcupines prefer a partner who is more or less subservient to them. While they like to maintain control of their relationships, they are also not attracted to those who don’t fight back or defend themselves. In truth, Porcupines expect fairness even if they are the ones being unfair. They also enjoy a certain amount of drama in their relationships, so they end up in passionate but often dysfunctional relationships that, if started at a young age, never really change because the Porcupine does not like to change things once they are comfortable with them.


Above all else, members of this sign want to be in control of their own destiny. They like money and the control and independence it gives them. Like most signs with a sun in Libra, Porcupines would trade it all in for a life of comfort and luxury. Those born under this sign may have had one or more past lives in which they were strongly involved in social or political system where “special” individuals got all of the luxuries and comforts while others were basically servants to those few. Therefore, Porcupines prefer an even playing field where they can have both the positive and negative experiences of providing for one’s self while focusing on others.

This is a sign that likes to create. If left to their own devices they can be impressive artists with an intellectual mind to back it up. Porcupines are natural fits for careers as architects, artists, and beauticians of all sorts. They like to have control over their lives, schedules, and even co-workers, and this is only increased when in a management position. Those who don’t wish to do creative work can find careers as managing directors and politicians, though they may be considered by many to be a bit “extreme” in both situations.


  • Frankie Jonas (9/28/2000)
  • Jeremy Miller (10/21/1976)
  • Omar Gooding (10/19/1976)
  • Emily Deschanel (10/11/1976)
  • Bob Burnquist (10/10/1976)
  • Taylor Hicks (10/7/1976)
  • Alicia Silverstone (10/4/1976)
  • Seann William Scott (10/3/1976)
  • Kip Pardue (9/23/1976)
  • Ty Pennington (10/19/1964)
  • Clive Owen (10/3/1964)
  • Robby Takac (9/30/1964)
  • Janeane Garofalo (9/28/1964)
  • Stephan Jenkins (9/27/1964)
  • Jeff Goldblum (10/22/1952)
  • Harry Anderson (10/14/1952)
  • Sharon Osbourne (10/9/1952)
  • Vladimir Putin (10/7/1952)
  • Christopher Reeve (9/25/1952)
  • Sir Cliff Richard (10/14/1940)
  • John Lennon (10/9/1940)
  • Alvin Toffler (10/4/1928)
  • Erik Bruhn (10/3/1928)
  • George "Spanky" McFarland (10/2/1928)
  • George Peppard (10/1/1928)
  • James Herriot (10/3/1916)
  • Sarah Bernhardt (10/22/1844)
  • Friedrich Nietzsche (10/15/1844)
  • Henry John Heinz (10/11/1844)
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge (10/21/1772)


Porcupines have the Tropical Sun sign of Libra, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Dragon.

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