The Pisces zodiac sign in Western astrology represents many traits such as patience, compassion, and creativity.  Pisces are the most sensitive sign in the Western zodiac, but not just in correspondence to their own feelings.  These individuals will also absorb the pain of others into their consciousness, perhaps to help alleviate the pain of those individuals, but also to give them a deeper understanding of what is happening outside of their direct experience.  This is a key element to understanding Pisces.  Their actions are sometimes misinterpreted as weakness or an inability to function in the "real world", but Pisces know that this deep intuition that comes from observation and empathy is part of gives them purpose and understanding in a sometimes harsh and confusing world.

Just as the Pisces astrological sign is represented by two fish circling one another, it can seem that people born under the zodiac sign of Pisces have two different sides to them that are constantly moving, changing, and evolving.  The sensitive observer we have discussed, but just as strong in these individuals is the dreamer. 

Pisces have deep and vast imaginations that they have a need to express through various forms.  Many Pisces are artistically talented and use various forms of artistic expression to release some of the psychic pain they have absorbed through their observations, but they also have the capacity to share ideas and visions that others can observe and allow to inspire them in their endeavors as well.  

Not surprisingly, Pisces are friendly, good natured, and generous.  They care about the greater good, but unlike Aquarius  (who is also a humanitarian) they prefer to take a passive, peaceful approach.  Rather than fighting against those who disrupt the balance of life directly, Pisces will usually find a more subtle and enigmatic way to express their opinion.  Though others may see this as "sitting out the fight", each individual must contribute in their own best way, and Pisces, though easygoing and submissive, do indeed make their contribution to society in less obvious ways than others.

There are 12 Pisces zodiac signs in Primal Astrology, one for each of the 12 corresponding Chinese Zodiac signs.  You can read more about the various incarnations of the Pisces zodiac sign by visiting the main Pisces page on this site.  You can also find your individual Primal Zodiac sign by using this handy chart.