Key Pisces zodiac characteristics include being gentle, good natured, and sensitive to the feelings of others.  Truly, Pisces is the most compassionate sign in the Western Zodiac.  Characterized by the interaction between two fish, it can seem that Pisces have a hard time keeping the various parts of themselves together in unison.  The sensitive side of Pisces feels the pain that others feel while the imaginative side is one of the most creative in the Western Zodiac.

Pisces have a hard time making decisions. They always want to do the right thing and therefore will go back and forth on issues until they feel confident that they have exhausted all options.  This kind of mental work is exhausting, which is why one of the biggest Pisces zodiac characteristics is escapism. 

The Pisces astrological sign is deeply interested in emotions, beauty, art, luxury, pleasure, and self expression.  They can disappear into their own minds and hide away from the world more easily than other signs, but this tendency to escape can also lead to addiction and depression if taken too far.

It is said that the Pisces zodiac sign is great at incorporating their surroundings into their life.  Like fish in a pond, these individuals live and breathe their environments.  Likewise if there are toxic elements in that environment they have virtually no way to be unaffected. 

Relationships can be challenging for the Pisces zodiac sign. They don't trust their gut instincts often enough, even though they have one of the strongest intuitions in the Western Zodiac.   However, of all of the Pisces zodiac characteristics it seems that being affectionate is one of their strongest qualities.  If only Pisces could eliminate their fear of rejection they could stop giving so much more than they take and find the inner confidence to go after what they want.  This is a sign that prefers to let others take the lead, though, and feel that they should just sit back and wait for things to happen rather than to make them happen.  Learning how to take charge and not let the overwhelming waves of emotion take them over is a life lesson for this sign.

There are 12 Pisces zodiac signs in Primal Astrology, one for each of the 12 corresponding Chinese Zodiac signs.  You can read more about the various Pisces zodiac characteristics by visiting the main Pisces page on this site.  You can also find your individual Primal Zodiac sign by using this handy chart.