The Pisces astrological sign represents gentleness, sensitivity, and a pleasant nature.  Of the 12 Western zodiac signs Pisces is most likely to be the imaginative dreamer, the escapist, and the pacifist.  Pisces tend to give more than they take in relationships, so much so that they will allow themselves to become emotionally out of balance before they will turn down an opportunity to help someone else who is struggling.  This is a humanitarian sign who wants to learn ways to make the world a better place, though often times they absorb so much of the pain and suffering of others that they become the ones in need of emotional rescue.  Pisces are good listeners and are generally receptive to different ideas and viewpoints.  They like to sit back and observe the world around them.  This allows those born under the Pisces astrological sign to learn and experience without having to take the kind of risks that might put them in danger.  This emotional vulnerability is their challenge in life.

Of all of the Western zodiac signs Pisces is perhaps the most creative.  Most Pisces are artists in one form or another, because their vivid imaginations and active minds can create the kinds of visions that few others can match.  What they often fail to realize is that these visions are exactly what the world needs them to contribute, but society will often tell them that they need to become more directly involved in the "action" of life, which is not necessarily true.

Pisces zodiac characteristics also include friendliness, generosity, and social adaptation.  Visually represented by two fish swimming in a circle, there is a similarity between the symbol of Pisces and the Chinese yin-yang symbol.  This is no accident.  Both symbols represent the dual nature of every individual, and for the Pisces astrological sign this means being connected to life through an emotional resonance as well as through an artistic or creative resonance.  

Pisces are great dreamers and visionaries, and many are genuinely psychic.  Like a fish in water, Pisces must be careful not to absorb any toxic elements in their surroundings, though this will be hard to do.  At some point Pisces need to learn how to make decisions for their own best interests and find a way to contribute to the world that is natural and authentic to who they truly are deep down inside.

There are 12 Pisces zodiac signs in Primal Astrology, one for each of the 12 corresponding Chinese Zodiac signs.  You can read more about the various incarnations of the Pisces astrological sign by visiting the main Pisces page on this site.  You can also find your individual Primal Zodiac sign by using this handy chart.