The most obvious of Libra traits include peacefulness, hospitality, and a passion for fairness. The Libra personality is a complex one, however, and many of the Libra qualities that one expects to see don't always show up how you expect them to. Libras are diplomatic and idealistic, seeking peaceful solutions to problems rather than violent ones. They will stand up for justice and are very concerned about people treating others fairly. However, there is also a dark side to Libra that doesn't get mentioned often.

Of all of the Libra traits, balance is the most important. For their many characteristics Libra does best by far when what they want and how they view the world come into balance at the same time. This desire is so strong that many Libras will even manipulate their own minds in order to have everything fit into a singular vision of perfection, even if the reality of the situation is far different.

The need for excitement and adventure is also one of the characteristics Libra likes to show, and of all of the Libra traits this may be the one most often neglected. Members of this sign also like to host events at their home and go out of their way to make special occasions actually feel special. They can get so wrapped up in this home life that they may forget to take time out from helping others to help themselves.

A proper Libra description must include positive and negative aspects alike, and some of the more challenging aspects of Libra personalities include the need to feel happy all of the time, indecisiveness, and fearing that their decisions will be unpopular to others. They tend to have unrealistic expectations of others and as much as they long for fairness they aren't happy on a level playing field, meaning that Libra always feels entitled to having the advantage in any situation. The may not be the most positive of Libra traits, but they are crucial to the understanding of this multifaceted and complex sign.

In Primal Astrology each of the 12 Western Zodiac signs has 12 "sub-signs", one for each of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. This may seem a bit overcomplicated at first, but in reality these Libra profiles are far more in-depth and specific than just reading about Libra alone. The best part is you can access each of the 12 Libra profiles on this site for free. If you really want to learn more about Libra traits, use this chart to find the corresponding Primal Zodiac sign using your birth date and year.