There are many Libra personality traits, but some seem to be a bit more obvious than others. Social, charming, and elegant, Libras are some of the best hosts you can ever hope to meet. They enjoy entertaining, taking care of others, and spending time with friends, but despite these characteristics Libra is an easy sign to offend. Despite what they may say or the vibe they may give off, the Libra personality likes to feel recompensated for their efforts. For example, if a Libra offers to help you move, understand that they now expect you to do something for them. They may not even realize it at the time, but know that at some point you will be expected to pay the effort back.

This is one of the main Libra qualities that is likely to cause problems with other signs. Members of this sign don't always say what they mean. They may see this as an attempt to be diplomatic (another key characteristic of Libra), but others may interpret it as passive aggressive or even unfair. In truth, the Libra personality is often expecting more from others than they do from themselves, and being able to see themselves genuinely is not always easy to do.

Libras are intrigued by unusual things and like to have new adventures and experiences. This sign longs for fun and comfort, and regardless of what else occurs in their lives, Libra signs always prefer being taken care of to taking care of others. This may seem a bit contradictory to a sign so concerned with fairness, but that's just another reason why Libra personality traits can be deceiving at first glance. This may be the sign of the scales, but that doesn't mean that all Libras are well balanced. It does, however, mean that balance is critically important to members of this sign, both consciously and subconsciously.

In Primal Astrology there are 144 zodiac signs, and 12 of them belong to Libra. The 12 Libra signs of the Primal Zodiac each take into account one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, and every person born on Planet Earth has both a Western Zodiac and Chinese Zodiac sign. Anyone interested in learning more about the complexities of the Libra personality should use this free chart to find your Primal Zodiac sign. This way you can learn how the different Chinese Zodiac signs affect the characteristic Libra traits and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

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