When it comes to Libra, description can be a difficult task. This complex and ever-evolving sign often keeps sides of itself hidden away. The Libra personality is not a secretive one, though, and in most cases members of this sign struggle a bit to balance who they are inside with who they would like to appear to be on the outside. The Libra zodiac sign sits between Virgo and Scorpio, the organized caretaker and the secretive scorpion. Each sign pulls it toward their own gravity, making the eager to please Libra conflicted between two very different limits of their own personality.

The most common Libra traits include social graces, idealism, and peacefulness. They hold themselves to high standards, though they often subconsciously expect more from others than they actually give out in real life. A fair Libra description must address the difference between this sign's desires and their reality. Libras can be superficial as well as fair, indecisive as much as they are intelligent, and as insecure as they are elegant.

The truth is that the Libra personality is often conflicted, and being the sign of the Scales, it is imperative that they constantly seek balance. This can be an exhausting task and one that often leads to characteristics Libra might not be eager to admit to. This is a sign that wants to avoid struggle, to find a place of peace and happiness, and to acquire all of this as fairly and justly as possible. They fantasize about such a perfect world and long to live in it. In this way they are often the champions of the common man, believing that justice belongs to everyone. These are indeed among the finest of Libra traits and are necessary to the overall balance achieved in our world. Yet no Libra description could exist without mentioning that secretly Libra hopes that someone else will come along and create this dream for them. The desire to fade into fantasy is deep with the Libra zodiac sign.

In Primal Astrology, there are 12 Libra descriptions, one for each of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs to match up with the Libra zodiac sign. Each description takes into account all of the characteristics Libra is known for as well as the complimentary and conflicting characteristics of the associated Chinese Zodiac sign. By using these two forces together one can much more easily see how the Libra personality is affected by subconscious forces as well as external influences. Best of all, these Libra descriptions are free on this site. Simply use this chart to find the date of birth and follow the link to the corresponding Primal Zodiac sign. There you will find more in depth information than is available anywhere else. Enjoy.