Leo personalities include such features as confidence, loyalty, a warm spirit, and a zest for life. Leos are social butterflies, strong and engaging, a spirited likeness of Leo the Lion. But Leos can be less enjoyable when things don't go their way. Any proper Leo profile has to take into account the positives and the not-so-positives in order to be fair, but luckily most Leo personalities tend to be more good than bad.

Leos like to win. All of the time. They enjoy the spirit of games, but in astrology Leo the Lion is the king of pride, taking great joy in every victory and great despair in every defeat. Of course, most of the time these "battles" are merely little games to be played (Leos love board games, by the way, except when they lose), but the size of the battle means little to Leo the Lion. Indeed one of the main characteristics of Leo is to let a little melodrama even out their stubbornness.

On the bright side Leo personalities are also very amiable and it's fairly easy to tame the Lion with compliments. Some think that Leos are a bit self-centered, but others contest that its merely a desire to look as good as their pride makes them feel. After all, every lion must groom his or her mane.

Leo men and women are quite different in this respect, though. Often times Leo girls like to make a lot of decisions but ultimately want to be cared at the end of the day while male Leos tend to put pride before everything else. Leos like to have a role to play, which makes them naturals for acting, singing, and other times of performance. In astrology Leo the Lion is a bit of a showboat, and those born under this sign don't fail to live up to the task.

At the same time, Leo personalities always include generosity, charm, and wit. As strong as they are, Leos don't want a fight. They respect the differences between different viewpoints and cultures, and are often most intrigued by far away places and hidden realms. It deserves mention in any Leo profile that the Lion enjoys a vacation more than almost anything. Like any cat, relaxation and time to do whatever they please is essential, even if doing what they please simply means lounging in the sunshine.

In astrology, Leo the Lion is a fixed sign and quite dominant. Leo personalities are easily swayed in more subtle ways, however, which is why anyone interested in knowing more about an individual born under this sign should consult the Primal Zodiac, which combines the Western astrology of Leo the Lion with each person's corresponding Chinese Zodiac sign. This offers a 1200% more accurate reading than just studying Leo traits alone!

For a deeper (free) look into Leo personalities, use this chart to find the exact date of birth of the individual in question. Then follow the link to the corresponding Primal Zodiac sign, or "Animal Spirit" as it is sometimes called. If you are new to Primal Astrology, you may want to read this primer to learn more.