Primal Zodiac Sign of Iguana

I have heard that it’s not uncommon among pet owners to think that their pet iguana hates them. Like their animal namesake, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Iguana are equally hard to read. Chances are they don’t hate you at all; they are simply expressing their feelings without concern for the effect it has on others. That’s actually the easy thing about Iguanas - they will let you know exactly what’s on their mind at any given moment. This trait also causes the most problems for them, as they can easily offend others without trying and may not even realize the negative effect they can have on those around them if they don’t learn to keep themselves in check.

Yes, Iguanas are moody. They are also highly skeptical and don’t trust most things they hear right away, but that’s because they are also highly intuitive and have learned to follow their instincts over what they are told. They regularly let this intuition guide them, as well they should. Though they are typically smart, Iguanas will fare better in most of life’s challenges if they trust their gut over their thoughts.

Members of this sign care a lot about how others perceive them, which makes it hard to understand how they can blurt out insults without realizing their impact. Well-intentioned yet blunt, stoic yet overly emotional, stylish yet simple, this is indeed a sign of contradictions. In life Iguanas should learn to accept things as they are and not let their emotions get in the way of their intuitions. If they can calm down and find a balance in life, they have every chance at happiness.


Loyalty is a key trait of Iguana relationships. Members of this sign highly value their close relationships and would never think about betraying a loved one. Because of this Iguanas expect the same from those close to them, and if betrayed it is unlikely that they will ever forgive the betrayer. They can be very dramatic about this, and are prone to overreacting to situations where they feel they have been done wrong. Friends who are close to them know how trustworthy and reliable they are. They will always listen to your problems, just don’t expect them to express their feelings back. You can tell an Iguana any secret and be certain it will never be shared. Traits like this make Iguanas great friends to have around.

This loyalty and trustworthiness carry over well into the love department. They are simultaneously family oriented and long for true love. Marry an Iguana and they will take “Til Death Do Us Part” literally. That doesn’t mean they won’t look around a little. Male Iguanas especially enjoy looking at potential mates even after they are committed, but you can be certain that they will never act on this. Because they don’t express themselves a lot, they also don’t enjoy criticism at all, so those thinking about pairing up with an Iguana will have to take the good with the bad. Luckily there tends to be more good when it comes to this sign.


Iguanas are surprisingly hard workers and though they care a lot about appearances, they don’t actually need a fancy job to feel good about their work. This sign is happiest when they are busiest, so they don’t mind getting their hands dirty if it means that they get to feel proud of a hard day’s work. In rural settings, many Iguanas enjoy careers as farmers. While some might see this as thankless work, Iguanas see themselves as caretakers of their communities. Nothing is more important to an Iguana than feeling good about themselves and their lives, so finding work that feeds the soul should be one of this sign’s biggest goals in life.

Not all Iguanas want to work on a farm, though. Some want to travel the world or make a difference in a more urban setting. It’s not unusual for an Iguana to join the military, usually a naval-based arm, and travel the world while serving their country. This sign often ends up with somewhat unusual jobs such as war journalists, wildlife photographers, or community historians. Whatever their role, it is always best for an Iguana to choose meaningful work over money. This sign is very capable of doing whatever they choose, but they should always seek personal fulfillment over what others say they should do.


  • Ariana Grande (6/26/1993)
  • Cree Summer (7/7/1969)
  • Jon Lovitz (7/21/1957)
  • Kelly McGillis (7/9/1957)
  • Bret Hart (7/2/1957)
  • Frances McDormand (6/23/1957)
  • Ron Glass (7/10/1945)
  • Burt Ward (7/6/1945)
  • Deborah Harry (7/1/1945)
  • Türkan Soray (6/28/1945)
  • Carly Simon (6/25/1945)
  • Chuck Daly (7/20/1933)
  • Marty Feldman (7/8/1933)
  • John Glenn (7/18/1921)
  • Jake LaMotta (7/10/1921)
  • Nancy Reagan (7/6/1921)
  • Joseph Papp (6/22/1921)
  • Alberto Santos-Dumont (7/20/1873)
  • George Washington Carver (7/12/1861)


Iguanas have the Sun sign of Cancer, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Rooster.

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