Primal Zodiac Sign of Hippopotamus

It’s somewhat ironic to call this sign “Hippopotamus”, since a person’s initial reaction to finding out that this is their sign will be outrage. “I am not a hippopotamus! They are fat and lazy and way too passive! That’s not like me at all!” This just defines how misunderstood both the person and the animal really are.

The hippopotamus (the animal) is often portrayed as passive and sweet and fat and lazy, but in reality, they can be highly dangerous if you step into their territory uninvited. Grown hippos have canine teeth up to 20 inches long and can snap them down on opponents with the force of a sledgehammer. They are generally passive among their own, but can explode in an aggressive rage if pushed.

This sums up people born under the Primal Zodiac sign quite well. They are serious and forceful when necessary, but mostly they are just hard-working and goal-oriented. They house a lot of inner conflict, as they are simultaneously adventurous, ambitious, reserved, and focused. Hippos can be stubborn and judgmental, and though usually even keeled, can be impulsive when upset. Achieving balance should be the life goal of most members of this sign.


Hippopotamuses spend much of their lives trying to hide an inner conflict between the dual sides of their nature. This can make relationships difficult. To those close to them, they are usually great to have around. When they can relax a little, which they rarely do, they are actually pretty fun. When they are in a bad mood, though, they can be completely intolerable. At least they will let you know and try to keep their own distance. If you push them past that point though, your fate is in their hands.

Most Hippos would like very much to fall in love, get married, and start a family, yet they might have a hard time convincing themselves of this in their youth. When they are younger, their active, adventurous side will likely take charge, while their stable, security-driven side will dominate the later part of their lives. Hippos and those who love them should be patient and go with the natural flow of things. This sign will come around eventually if their potential partners can be patient enough to wait.


Hippos have a good work ethic and are highly focused on their careers. If they let their ego get in their way, they may choose a high-profile career where they can achieve a lot of material success. This is not typically the best idea for this sign, as they can become too unbalanced in the process. They do best in roles where they can work autonomously and aren’t constantly having to answer to a supervisor.

One ideal career for this sign is Police Officer. Hippos are strong and authoritative by nature and are assertive enough to succeed in this job but patient enough to think through a situation before acting. A job out patrolling the streets will satisfy the adventurous side of their nature, and a desk job further along in their careers will satisfy their hard-working, focused side.

For those who don’t find this a good fit, another great option for Hippos is a career as a Landlord. It may seem a bit mundane for a Hippopotamus, but the reality of the job is actually a great fit. They are great at managing people while keeping an emotional distance from them. People don’t like messing with a Hippo or challenging their will, so tenants tend to pay Hippos on time when other landlords would fail. A particularly ambitious member of this sign can build their own stable of properties and do quite well financially.


  • Leona Lewis (4/3/1985)
  • Keira Knightley (3/26/1985)
  • Sonequa Martin-Green (3/21/1985)
  • Adrien Brody (4/14/1973)
  • David Blaine (4/4/1973)
  • Robert Carlyle (4/14/1961)
  • Vincent Gallo (4/11/1961)
  • Eddie Murphy (4/3/1961)
  • Susan Boyle (4/1/1961)
  • Paloma Picasso (4/19/1949)
  • Vicki Lawrence (3/26/1949)
  • Eddie Money (3/21/1949)
  • Dennis Banks (4/12/1937)
  • Billy Dee Williams (4/6/1937)
  • Merle Haggard (4/6/1937)
  • Colin Powell (4/5/1937)
  • Warren Beatty (3/30/1937)
  • Hugh O'Brian (4/19/1925)
  • Rod Steiger (4/14/1925)
  • Jan Merlin (4/3/1925)
  • Leo Buscaglia (3/31/1925)
  • Oleg Cassini (4/11/1913)
  • Frankie Laine (3/30/1913)
  • Ub Iwerks (3/24/1901)
  • Charlie Chaplin (4/16/1889)
  • Vincent Van Gogh (3/30/1853)
  • Hans Christian Andersen (4/2/1805)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (3/21/1685)


Hippopotamuses have the Sun sign of Aries, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Ox.

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