Rather than just providing a list of facts about Gemini, I am going to explain in greater detail the characteristics of Gemini and how they fit into the overall Gemini profile.  Gemini, symbolized by "the twins", is most definitely a people-oriented sign.  Nobody loves to communicate as much as this sign does, and most Gemini do so in a very easy going manner.  Key Gemini characteristics include being talkative, restless, witty, and energetic.  This is a sign that wants to experience life through relationships with other people, which is why Geminis have a reputation for being very friendly.  They are indeed excellent communicators and are said to give great advice, though more shy or reserved signs might find them to be a bit too curious.  Members of this sign just can't help themselves.  They have a unique philosophy on life, and unless there are other signs in the birth chart to counteract their natural inquisitiveness, chances are they are going to have a large group of acquaintances.

You can tell that a lot of astrologers just don't get Geminis.  Reading on other sites you might find their facts about Gemini to include impulsiveness, superficiality, and even a devious nature - as in starting drama between people when it could have been otherwise avoided.  I won't deny that these are possible downsides to those Geminis who let themselves become more interested in playing games with people than getting to know them, but there are many members of this sign who show none of these "bad" Gemini characteristics.

I'll admit Geminis can be hard to comprehend at times, which brings us to one of our major facts about Gemini, which is that they seem to be more interested in other people than they are in their own lives.  This might be because they have two different sides to their personality.  Remember that the Gemini symbol is "the twins", which means one half of a Gemini can be out gossiping about the latest interpersonal relationships around them, but there is always the "other" twin who stays interested in what is going on in their own life.  

Geminis are very independent, and though they might seem like they need other people to stay happy, they are also very capable of packing up and leaving everything behind at a moment's notice.  After all, Geminis know that they will meet a whole new group of fascinating people wherever they end up.

The Chinese zodiac sign of each Gemini has a significant affect on each individual's personality.  In Primal Astrology there are 12 signs for Gemini, one for each corresponding sign of the Chinese zodiac. You can find out more facts about Gemini and the associated Chinese zodiac signs by clicking on this link.  If you do not know your Chinese zodiac sign or Primal Zodiac sign, you can use this free chart to find yours.