Primal Zodiac Sign of Elephant

Determined, romantic, and idealistic, those born under the sign of the Elephant are concerned with hard work, fairness, and intellectual pursuits. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign have strong bonds with family and close friends that overrides nearly every other concern. Generous, diplomatic, and (mostly) peaceful, Elephants guide their daily activities with a focus on the future as well as a work-hard / play-hard attitude.

Within each Elephant there are two instinctive states regularly in conflict with one another. While the Ox (Chinese Zodiac) works tirelessly to earn the financial security required to feel stable, Libra (Tropical Zodiac) longs to be free from the daily grind and wants to enjoy the pleasures and adventures available in life. Both sides agree that they enjoy vacations, luxuries, and a sense of progress in life, but both have different ways of viewing this. Depending on the aspects of certain planets in the birth chart (most notably Jupiter and Saturn), each individual Elephant will experience this inner conflict differently, but for all it will be a major part of life.

There will be a strong drive to try to acquire as much money as possible, since all aspects of an Elephant’s personality agree that while money won’t necessarily buy happiness it will provide a way to afford periods of rest, relaxation, and adventure. The dream of many Elephants is to somehow come into a large amount of money (earning it, winning the lottery, marrying rich, inheritance, etc.) and no longer have to struggle so hard to earn their keep. Though they like nice things more than the average person, the true desire for money is really a desire for happiness, and without the constant stress of worrying about paying the bills, Elephants see an opportunity for a different lifestyle emerge.

That’s not to say that Elephants don’t want to work. In fact, they usually have to be doing something. While other aspects in the birth chart will determine how comfortable they are socially, there is one thing that both the Ox and Libra agree upon - that hosting a party is the ultimate in social satisfaction. Elephants have great taste and an advanced sense of style. Their homes are almost always decorated lavishly and no sign is more well equipped to throw the biggest, best parties for good friends and family.


Though Elephants are not the most outgoing people, they are genuine and trustworthy friends who are always there for those who need them. They earn respect from other people by being honest and sincere, thoughtful and warm-hearted. Because they hold themselves to high standards, they can be highly judgmental of others. Too often they fail to see the reasons why other people do what they do and don’t respect the choices of those who choose to take the easy way out. Elephants have a short list of people who they truly, deeply love and respect, and to them love and respect are not separate concepts, but one in the same.

Love will play a major role in the lives of Elephants. As hard core romantics, members of this sign are very idealistic about love and can be overly cautious or hold unrealistic expectations with relationships. Romance is important, and this sign often gives of themselves deeply and freely in love with the expectation that this generosity and passion will be returned. This aspect of their personality speaks to the importance of fairness and balance in their relationships, but it can also get a bit out of control. Elephants can grow to become codependent on partnerships, using romantic partners as a sort of “mirror” to give their love out and accept it back. A major life lesson for Elephants is to learn that all they need comes from inside their very capable and loving selves.


Since most members of this sign won’t end up winning the lottery, they must find some way to earn a living. Elephants may be hard workers, but they are also romantic dreamers who want to play a unique role in the world. Ideally this would include helping others better their lives, though the need for personal security can stymie this idealism before it has a chance to grow.

Elephants don’t mind hard work. How they will express this work depends highly on other aspects in each individual’s birth chart, but there are some general themes that exist within anyone born under this sign. Elephants are good at business and can play almost any operational role as long as they don’t have to be in charge. While they are capable and even inspiring leaders, most Elephants would rather have a specialized role than work in general management. Careers have to fit their strengths and are often based on pure intellect or their advanced sense of personal style and taste.

Unsurprisingly, Elephants make excellent interior designers, which one look at their own homes will prove. They also make good critics this way, whether they are reviewing food, movies, designs, or even talent competitions. Elephants are smart and fair and, for better or worse, are skillful at judging others. Though they prefer a bit of creativity in their work, Elephants make very good lawyers and judges. They also make good social workers, police officers, real estate agents, scientists, politicians, gardeners, and financial planners.


  • Zac Hanson (10/22/1985)
  • Michelle Trachtenberg (10/11/1985)
  • T-Pain (9/30/1985)
  • Steve Burns (10/9/1973)
  • Neve Campbell (10/3/1973)
  • Wynton Marsalis (10/18/1961)
  • Steve Young (10/11/1961)
  • Eric Stoltz (9/30/1961)
  • Heather Locklear (9/25/1961)
  • Benjamin Netanyahu (10/21/1949)
  • Sigourney Weaver (10/8/1949)
  • Lindsey Buckingham (10/3/1949)
  • Annie Leibovitz (10/2/1949)
  • Mike Schmidt (9/27/1949)
  • Bruce Springsteen (9/23/1949)
  • Peter Max (10/19/1937)
  • Linda Lavin (10/15/1937)
  • Jackie Collins (10/4/1937)
  • Celia Cruz (10/21/1925)
  • Joyce Randolph (10/21/1925)
  • Art Buchwald (10/20/1925)
  • Angela Lansbury (10/16/1925)
  • Lenny Bruce (10/13/1925)
  • Margaret Thatcher (10/13/1925)
  • Elmore Leonard (10/11/1925)
  • Gore Vidal (10/3/1925)
  • Arnold Stang (9/28/1925)
  • Stanley Kramer (9/29/1913)
  • Enrico Fermi (9/29/1901)
  • Ed Sullivan (9/28/1901)
  • Edmund Gwenn (9/26/1877)
  • Chester A. Arthur (10/5/1829)


Elephants have the Tropical Sun sign of Libra, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Ox.

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