More than with other signs, providing a description of Virgo is challenging for no better reason than Virgos can be tricky to figure out. The personality of Virgo can best be described as sensitive, reflective, and analytical, but though these are all truly strong Virgo characteristics, they don't provide enough information for a complete picture.

Virgos are individuals, first and foremost. Regardless of their loyalties they will always seek the truth above all else. They are highly observant individuals who like to gather a great deal of information before making a decision. Some may say that indecisiveness is one of the key Virgo traits, but I would disagree. It's simply not part of the personality of Virgo to make hasty or ill-informed decisions. They take life seriously and understand that everything counts when it comes to important decisions in life, such as who to trust and which path to take.

Any Virgo personality profile would mention this sign's generosity as well as their kind and giving natures. Yet members of this sign are also often inflexible once they have made up their minds. It is not within the personality of Virgo to accept things at first glance, instead they prefer to think long and deep about the consequences of each choice, and therefore have little sympathy for those who choose not to do the same. Some call this "cold", but cruelty or rash thinking simply are not Virgo characteristics. Deep thinking, a resolve to make things right, and a strong sense of justice are, though.

I believe that any accurate description of Virgo must include elements of the original Virgo myth, which describes this sign not as "The Virgin", but instead by the true meaning of the word "virgo" which is better described as "The Caretaker". And make no mistake, it is this fair and just caretaker of mankind that holds the scales of Libra as well. Though the two signs are quite different, they do share a passion for justice and the rights of men and women to be free and fulfilled in their life's purposes.

Perhaps the most telling of the Virgo characteristics is the penchant for creativity to ebb and flow alongside the mood of these individuals. A happy and fulfilled Virgo uses creativity freely and openly, enhancing their logical ideas with life and purpose, while an unhappy member of this sign is likely to shut down creatively and rely solely on cold, hard logic to make their decisions. This can be one of the most dangerous of the Virgo traits, which makes it all the more important for Virgos to focus on positivity and not themselves be dragged down by their troubles.

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