When preparing to write a description of Capricorn, several factors have to be taken into account. Common characteristics of Capricorn include reliability, perseverance, and self-sufficiency. Unlike many other signs, Capricorns don't need others to help them along their way, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't like any help. The Capricorn personality values leadership and dedication above all. Members of this sign are loyal to those who are loyal to them and as ambitious as they are they are usually willing to lend a sympathetic ear to a friend in need.

No description of Capricorn would be fair without including some of the less attractive qualities of this sign. One of the most popular Capricorn traits is their resourcefulness. Members of this sign are very capable of finding the resources they need if for no better reason than they refuse to give up the search until they have what they need to move forward. But one of the other main characteristics of Capricorn is their lack of creativity. They like to do things by the book and sometimes are outplayed by others who don't work as hard but are more innovative in their approach. Capricorns hate this, of course, as it contradicts their innermost values of hard work and self discipline.

When things don't go well for them, the Capricorn personality likes to tighten up its resources. They take nothing for granted, except their desire to be rich, powerful, and possibly even famous. Capricorns are so focused on their goals that they sometimes forget why they made these goals in the first place. This is a sign that desperately needs to balance work and life, which is harder for them to do than for most signs.

Perhaps the simplest description of Capricorn would be to mention their never-say-die attitude. While this can sometimes be a side effect of stubborn indignation and the inability to walk away from an idea that is no longer working, it is more correct to say that this resilience is they key to their success. Capricorns will keep fighting long after others have given up. They have an inherent sense of passion for making progress in life, and as long as they don't lose perspective on what matters to them and what really doesn't, members of this sign should have a fairly easy time following their path in life.

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