The Chinese Zodiac sign Dog appears often in Primal Astrology. As with every other sign in Chinese Astrology, Dog influences 12 of the 144 Primal Zodiac signs as a somewhat subconscious modifier of the respective Western Zodiac sign of the individual. But what exactly does the sign of the Dog mean and how can it affect each individual's astrological profile? That's what this article is for. If you don't know much about Chinese or Primal Astrology, I will try to give a simple explanation.

Perhaps the most loyal Chinese Zodiac sign Dog is the sympathetic helper of the group. Honest and sincere, those born under the Dog zodiac sign are great friends to have around if you are ever in need. They genuinely care about other people which is apparent because they are very good listeners, despite the fact that this sign in and of itself doesn't usually have a lot of advice to give.

In Chinese Astrology Dog is the rare breed that cares more about humanity and its people than success, money, or status. They are extremely loyal individuals who take great pride in their fairness, sense of justice, and idealism. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign Dog are often very traditional and sometimes conservative in their views. They respect the old ideals and are often among the last to accept changes in society. While they are indeed empathetic and caring, they can also be highly defensive of themselves and their friends.

The Dog zodiac sign inspires confidence in those around them. They are true believers and nobody can be as faithful and loyal as these individuals. It should be mentioned that in Chinese Astrology Dog is also known for being very judgmental. This has something to do with their traditional and defensive natures, but the Dog zodiac sign is also known for being the sign of the worrier. Often anxious and picky to boot, Dogs can be frustrating for more progressive-minded signs to spend time with. It's true that even in Chinese Astrology Dog is mentioned as not being very good at socializing, though this could change easily when paired with certain Western signs such as Gemini or Leo.

If you were born under the Chinese Zodiac sign Dog you can use your birth date to calculate your Primal Zodiac sign by clicking here. If you are new to Primal Astrology you may want to check out our primer first.