In Chinese astrology Rabbit is one of 12 signs that make up the Chinese Zodiac. The core traits of the Chinese Zodiac's Rabbit are kindness, a sympathetic nature, and good, if not a bit expensive taste. Members of this sign tend to be homebodies, favoring their own space over that of others. For this reason it can be a bit difficult to spend a significant amount of time with a member of the Rabbit Chinese star sign, unless of course you are willing to go visit them often.

Members of this sign have an appreciation for aesthetic beauty that is far more pronounced than many of their peers. In Chinese astrology Rabbit is the creative thinker as well as the artist who sees things in a unique way. Rabbits are sensitive individuals who tend to shy away from confrontation or any uncomfortable situation for that matter. Comfort is the key to a this sign's heart, and anyone who can help them feel at ease will automatically win a place in their lives.

The Rabbit Chinese star sign can be difficult to understand for some because of their quiet and reserved nature. In fact, it's likely that members of this sign will tell you what you want to hear more than tell you what they really think. Rabbit of the Chinese Zodiac chooses his or her words carefully and normally tries their best to please others, so this can lead to passive-aggressive relationships where others know not to directly confront the Rabbit so as not to make them flee rather than deal with ineffective circumstances.

The fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit often sees things in a youthful and sometimes naive way. With unrealistic expectations of others, it's no wonder than many of those born under the Rabbit Chinese star sign have a tendency toward pessimism. This is one sign that has a hard time making themselves happy, especially when combined with similarly minded Western signs such as Libra.

In Primal Astrology, both Chinese and Western signs are considered when analyzing an individual's "true zodiac sign", meaning that instead of having one sign out of 12, everyone really has one sign out of 144 different possibilities. Don't let this overwhelm you, though. It's easy to figure out what your Primal Zodiac sign (sometimes called "Animal Spirit") is. Just find your date of birth on this free chart to see which Western astrology sign fits your sign of Chinese astrology Rabbit.