In Chinese Astrology Dog represents many of the same traits that we perceive the animals of the same name to have. Loyalty and obedience are hallmarks of this sign, but Dog is no slave to others. Members of this sign hold ideals and traditions in the highest regard. They respect honor and loyalty above all else. In the Chinese Zodiac Dog people are considered honest and faithful, trustworthy and caring, and most members of this sign do whatever they can to uphold the honor of being a part of Dog astrology.

The Dog zodiac sign is a righteous one, and unless there are other astrological aspects to oppose this, they usually end up making enemies of those who see things differently than they do. Other signs may see the Dog zodiac sign as judgmental and picky above all else. They are often anxious and overly serious about little things. It certainly makes them more polarizing than many others.

Critics of the Dog zodiac sign may say that these individuals are overly defensive, especially when it comes to mutual friends. Dogs are the loyal followers of their chosen leaders and aren't typically expected to be very good at socializing, gossiping, or being the center of attention. This suits them just fine. In Chinese astrology Dog is meant to play this role in order to balance the astrological positioning of the other signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Dog is always warm and sympathetic to those they care about, providing an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. That is why Dogs are always welcome amongst groups.

In Western Astrology, Libra is the purveyor of justice. In Chinese Astrology Dog takes on a similar role, being particularly picky of who they want to defend, though at heart they are humanitarians who truly want what is most fair.

In Primal Astrology the combination of the Western Zodiac's Libra with the Chinese Zodiac's Dog creates a powerful combination that is highly focused on justice and fairness. Other combinations that include the Chinese Zodiac sign of Dog also tend to have a slant on what is "right" and what is "fair", though few of them are as concerned as the Libra/Dog combination.

For those who are new to Primal Astrology, please note that you can use your birth date to find your Primal Zodiac sign (combination of Western and Eastern signs) for free on this site. Plus you can read the full profile of each sign for free here as well. In Chinese Astrology Dog is one sign, but in Primal Astrology, Dog is the basis for 12 different signs.