The core characteristics of Taurus include stubbornness, dependability, and strength through patience and persistence. The Taurus astrological sign is one of security - both financial and emotional stability are things that Tauruses need and like to provide for others.  This is a very protective sign, and also a romantic one.  Tauruses may be soft spoken or reserved much of the time, but be careful not to cross one.  Nobody is more dangerous than an angry bull, and those born under the Taurus sign are no different.  Once you push them too far they may just explode into a berserker rage and you don't want to be around when that happens.  Most of the time, though, they are calm and gentle, love nature and animals, and even enjoy hosting parties and social events.  Showing affection is a key characteristic of Taurus.

Though loyal, patient, and generous, Taurus personality traits also include laziness and a tendency to be very sensitive to the negative comments or opinions of others.  Most Tauruses just want to enjoy a simple life free of stress and anxiety, though this isn't always easy for them as one of the key characteristics of Taurus is to have deep seeded fears about security and stability, usually in the financial realm.

Tauruses are famous for their stubbornness.  They simply do not want to do things they do not want to do, and trying to force them to do it anyway is usually met with resistance.  While being stubborn is certainly one of the most popular characteristics of Taurus it isn't necessarily a negative thing.

Members of the Taurus sign have strong beliefs and their whole lives are rooted in these beliefs, so changing to meet the whims of those around them simply does not serve them well.  Chances are if they are left to do things their own way the results will be much better and the individual in question will be much happier in the process. 

The Chinese zodiac sign of each Taurus has a significant affect on their individual personality.  In Primal Astrology there are 12 signs for Taurus, one for each corresponding sign of the Chinese zodiac.  You can see how the 12 Chinese zodiac signs affect the characteristics of Taurus by reading the descriptions of each one on the main Taurus page.  If you do not know your Chinese zodiac sign or Primal Zodiac sign, you can use this free chart to find yours.