Of the many characteristics of Sagittarius, one stands out above the rest. Regardless of what other astrological influences may appear in an individual's birth chart, those born under the sign of the Archer are always fiercely independent.

Any Sagittarius profile would be useless without first explaining this key point. Those born under this sign have an inborn sense of adventure, not unlike fellow fire sign Aries. Yet while Aries the Ram attempts to break new ground, Sagittarius the Archer is off to wherever his heart leads him. With an inborn sense of adventure and a personal philosophy that believes that everything will work itself out just fine, members of this sign can be inspirational to some and irritating to others.

More security-driven signs like Capricorn and Taurus may find these Sagittarius traits to be reckless and wild. Part of the Sagittarius personality knows this and enjoys it quite a bit. In fact, most things that other signs do matter little to free-wheeling Sagittarius, whose optimism and sense of freedom keeps him running to whatever he is drawn to.

And run he will. Sagittarians long to explore the world, and if held back from freely exploring, some of the uglier characteristics of Sagittarius begin to come out. Relationships with Sagittarians can be difficult, particularly for partners who wish to settle down and live a safe and secure life. The Archer may stand for this for periods of time, but eventually boredom will set in, and boredom is poison to Sagittarius the Archer.

Unemotional, blunt, and future-focused, members of this sign are generous and big-hearted, but it may not appear so to others. Another of the key characteristics of Sagittarius is that they are not particularly emotional. They prefer logic and old wisdom, and don't see the need to explore their emotions, after all, they are too busy exploring the rest of the world. Sagittarians live outside of themselves in many ways, yet this may serve to their advantage.

Of all of the Sagittarius traits, perhaps the best is that they are lucky. Some say that luck is just a natural part of Sagittarius the Archer, while others would argue that their positive outlook creates the good luck they seem to enjoy, but whoever is right, it matters little to Sagittarians who have already forgotten the argument and are already heading on their way to their next adventure.

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