Of the many characteristics of Capricorn, few personality traits stand out as much as this sign's desire to achieve great things. The Capricorn personality is an ambitious one that is often focused on success and all that comes with it (money, fame, respect, etc.). A well defined description of Capricorn should also include their strong sense of personal responsibility. Capricorns don't rely on others to see their dreams come to life. Instead they are patient and resilient, getting back up when life seems to only want to push them down again. They are sometimes thought of as frugal, though "economical" might be a better word for it. One of the key characteristics of Capricorn is their understanding of long-term investment, and they rarely invest their time in energy in anything they cannot control or use to their advantage.

Anyone with this much ambition is bound to be let down on their journey to success, and the Capricorn personality is one that can take many a punch before calling it quits (if they ever do at all). When they are down, though, there are other characteristics of Capricorn that come out, and some of those can be more difficult to deal with than their usual kind and caring selves. These darker Capricorn traits include a dictatorial bossiness, a stubborn clinging to old ideas and opinions, and a sense of distrust for anyone other than themselves.

The Capricorn personality can create and destroy, and it is important for members of this sign to find balance in their lives. All too often Capricorns will take a do-or-die approach to challenges when they really don't have to. Most situations are not black or white, good or bad, all or nothing. Sometimes all they need is a break and some encouragement, but they are not likely to see that being able to see one's self from an outside perspective is not exactly one of the most common Capricorn traits.

In Primal Astrology Capricorns have 12 different signs, one to match each of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. While the core characteristics of Capricorn remain, other astrological influences can profoundly alter each individual's approach toward life. In order to find out how your sign is affected, all you need to do is to find your date of birth on this chart and you will be taken to a profile which contains the description of Capricorn when influenced by your corresponding Chinese Zodiac sign.