The need for stability is a key characteristic of Taurus.  In fact, it's so crucial that missing this single characteristic of Taurus might lead you to not understand a single thing they do!  Those born under the Taurus sign see life as a challenge to reach and maintain physical, financial, and emotional stability.  When they don't have what they feel they need to survive in life they can become very moody and withdrawn.  Having their basic needs met, as well as the needs of their close friends and family, has to happen before they can move forward in other areas of their lives.  The Taurus astrological sign is represented by the bull, who is strong, dependable, and very often stubborn.  Tauruses get this reputation for many reasons, but their stubbornness is by far the worst when they feel that their needs for security and stability are not being met.

Tauruses like to do things their own way.  They like order and familiarity, but can also become bored by the very routine that they have come to rely upon.  Tauruses want adventure but don't want to take big risks, so very often they will follow the path they believe to be the most logically correct for them, even if leaves them emotionally drained.

This is a sign that is always living for tomorrow.  Being future-focused is such a core characteristic of Taurus that it is difficult for them to be able to enjoy the moment.  It takes a special type of person to distract them from their path, but sometimes that is exactly what they need.  

The Taurus astrological sign is an Earth sign, and accordingly members of this sign need to spend some time out in nature.  Though they can be tough and rigid, Tauruses are often very sensual and romantic.  They can be sensitive to rejection or negative comments from others, but they rarely allow anyone or anything to keep them from achieving their goals.  In many ways Tauruses can be their own worst enemies, wanting and fearing change strongly at the very same time.

The Chinese zodiac sign of each Taurus has a significant affect on their individual personality.  In Primal Astrology there are 12 signs for Taurus, one for each corresponding sign of the Chinese zodiac.  You can see how the 12 Chinese zodiac signs affect each characteristic of Taurus by reading the descriptions of each one on the main Taurus page.  If you do not know your Chinese zodiac sign or Primal Zodiac sign, you can use this free chart to find yours.