The most well known Capricorn Traits include perseverance, cautiousness, and ambition. While these are indeed major characteristics of Capricorn there are also many more traits that one doesn't often hear when talking about this sign. The Capricorn personality is fairly simple to understand in general, but inside each of these hard working and dedicated individuals is a mind that is constantly searching for ways to improve their chances for success.

Capricorns commonly put their work first, disregarding personal desires and social pleasures to pursue their goals and dreams. When life meets up with their ambitions, there is no happier person than a Capricorn. However, working for everything they get is one of the strongest of Capricorn traits, so they have little sympathy for those who don't create their own happiness and much sympathy for those who choose to take a challenging path in life. The Capricorn personality is naturally loyal, caring, and helpful. They know that in order to succeed they will need help, and therefore are willing to help those in need, though some might argue they only do this for a personal sense of achievement. Regardless of what the reason is, this resourceful and patient sign is good to have on your side.

One of the lesser appreciated characteristics of Capricorn is their tendency to become controlling and distrusting when their plans initially fail. As nice as they can be nothing is more important to the Capricorn Personality than their sense of accomplishment, and those who hold them back will most certainly be introduced to Capricorn's dark side, which includes an aloof or melancholy demeanor, a need to control every aspect of everything they can, and a stern and opinionated stance on what is wrong and how to fix it. They expect the best from themselves, which means they expect others to try hard as well.

A sense of caution is one of the more pronounced Capricorn traits, and one that usually serves them well. The cautiousness inherent in the Capricorn personality allows this sign to be patient in their planning, to strategize patiently while waiting for the right pieces to come into place. Of all of the characteristics of Capricorn this may be one of the most frustrating for impatient signs to deal with, but getting in bed with a Capricorn is always a wise choice. They keep trying long after everyone else has quit and they have an undying sense of loyalty to their cause.

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