Capricorns are known for their effort and dedication to success. Though each individual may have a different idea of what form that success should take, the typical Capricorn will most often use his or her career as the primary outlet for this ambition. It is well within the Capricorn personality to try to take on the world alone, but most of them know that success is more likely with a bit of help. This can be a tricky setup, though, because another major characteristic of Capricorn is to need to be in control, especially when it comes to a project that they are counting on to help them fulfill their inner needs.


The most common Capricorn traits include resilience, a strong work ethic, patience, ambition, and independence. Capricorns often like to work alone and only trust themselves to get the job done right. When things are going well and progress is being made toward their goals, the Capricorn sign is often caring and sympathetic, offering to use their knowledge to help those in need. When things are not progressing, though, they can easily fall into a panic and begin questioning everyone and everything around them. In truth, members of this sign only truly trust themselves and anyone who seems to be counteracting their success will be met with cold indifference, if they are lucky. Capricorns respect nothing more than self discipline though, so don't expect them to explode when pushed (like Taurus).


Capricorns are bound to have many relationships and often are not afraid to blend the lines between personal and professional realms. They long to have  others see things from their perspectives and would jump at the chance to have someone trustworthy and of like mind to help them achieve their goals. In career-oriented Capricorn relationships, those of the Capricorn sign like to be in charge. They are natural leaders who focus on long-term success rather than winning short-term victories. In romance-based Capricorn relationships, members of this sign are often cautious entering into new territory with new people, but once they feel comfortable they will let their guard down. They make loyal and trustworthy friends to those who stay loyal to them.


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