The Capricorn personality is defined by such characteristics as patience, responsibility, and ambition. Many Capricorn traits have to do with the pursuit of success in life, and nowhere is this more true than in the realm of careers and goals. Each individual will want different things, according to other astrological elements in the birth chart, but it is how they going about achieving their goals that define the Capricorn personality. Though cautious and reserved at times, members of the Capricorn sign are extremely self-sufficient, a trait that helps them far more than it holds them back.

Patience and practicality are also characteristics of Capricorn, though these only hold true if they are making good progress on their goals. If they feel that not enough progress is being made, it is well within the Capricorn personality to become melancholy and depressed, which often leads to a hyper-analysis of who is helping them and who is hurting. When this happens, lesser appreciated Capricorn traits may arise, such as the need to make everything black-or-white, or all-or-nothing.

A major characteristic of Capricorn is the tendency to be impressed by displays of wealth, status, and power. Members of the Capricorn sign are inherently drawn to these things, which is a somewhat logical extension of their desire for success. Practicality and organization are definite Capricorn traits, though without a clear goal in mind it is likely that they will only be frustrated by these strengths. The Capricorn personality is one that needs to be doing something all of the time. They figure they can rest once they have made enough progress to be unstoppable, but often that doesn't happen until much later in life than was expected.

Members of the Capricorn sign can be very controlling, almost dictatorial. They hope to lead by example, and it is rare to find anyone who will outwork them. They move ahead slowly but surely, being careful not to make mistakes along the way. Some Capricorns feel the need to plan everything out ahead of time before making a move, but this rarely serves them well. With their dedication not in question, members of this sign should feel good about any progress made and understand that they must create their own reality. Luckily no one is more capable than this sign.

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