If you are wondering how to attract a Scorpio male, you are not alone. There's something about male Scorpios that is quite difficult to figure out for many other signs. No matter how friendly or outgoing an individual may be (from other astrological aspects), there is always a dark, mysterious element that the Scorpio sun sign provides.

Figuring out how to attract a Scorpio male is made easier if you know the individual's birthday. This way you can use Primal Astrology to understand both the conscious and subconscious elements to get a deeper understanding into what drives each individual's behavior.

But for now, let's just assume we are talking about all male Scorpios. The most important thing to realize is that male Scorpios are attracted to power. This could take many forms. There is power in having friends with special connections, there is power in social status, there is power in money, influence, and having a beautiful woman on your arm.

True as these statements may be, most Scorpios do not expect to inherit their power from a partner. Instead, most want to earn or create their power in life. It is the passion, ambition, and determination that make Scorpios so attractive, and it is also these virtues that make them difficult to partner up with.

Keep in mind that above all other things, trust is the most important to a Scorpio. If you hope to attract a Scorpio male you must resolve to the fact that once you have committed to the partnership, you will be held to your word. Scorpios do not forgive easily, especially if they feel insulted or hurt by the actions of another. This particularly applies to romance. Burn a Scorpio man and you've probably lost him forever.

Scorpio men are also difficult in that they often say "no" when they mean "yes". A Scorpio man is different from other men in that they do not wish to come out and directly tell you what they want. They want you to figure it out, even if that means (temporarily) taking control of the relationship and forcing them to take a break from their typically ambitious pursuits.

If you really want to know what attracts the Scorpio male, though, you would do best to do a personality profile on the individual in question. It costs money (though this site has free "Animal Spirit" profiles if you click here), but since Scorpios are notoriously hard to read, it could just make the difference in figuring out which buttons to push.