In Primal Astrology Leo the Lion takes many forms, but in all cases the core of Leo remains true. All Leo personalities share many of the same traits, regardless of other astrological influences. The main characteristics of Leo include warmth, confidence, generosity, and a flair for the dramatic. Every Leo profile has to mention their love of fun and relaxation. Leo has a work-hard/play-hard attitude and likes to get work out of the way so they can relax and have a good time.

Leos are often meticulous though, and are very specific about what they want. This can sometimes be some of the more frustrating characteristics of Leo (to other signs), but ultimately anyone who knows Leo personalities knows better than to keep them from doing what they need to do to feel good. All in all, it doesn't take much for members of this sign to feel happy and complete at the end of the day.

In Western astrology, Leo the Lion is a fixed sign as well as a fire sign. This means they can be rather stubborn and prideful as well as gregarious, outspoken, and sometimes wild. Leos are charming, witty, and independent individuals who can sometimes come across as self-centered, though not always. Leos want what they want and are willing to do what it takes to get it. If not, they sulk quietly, even if they know they are being silly or childish.

Most people love Leos because they are outgoing and friendly. Leo personalities are almost always well-balanced. They are prideful to be certain, but are not ones to indulge in laments of the past. This is arguably one of the most charming characteristics of Leo the Lion; where others may dwell on past issues, Leos prefer to live in the present - a surprisingly rare quality in the modern age.

Leos should take pride in that other astrological influences don't change who they are at their core. The Lion leads in all cases, though it is wise for each person to use our custom chart to discover the influences of Chinese Astrology on Leo the Lion. One can easily use their birth date to find their Primal Zodiac sign, which includes both Eastern and Western astrology systems. Though this sign only appears in Western Astrology, Leo the Lion still carries all of its influences when combined with its Chinese Zodiac sign. If you are new to Primal Astrology, you may want to read this primer first.